A temporary but easy fix for the No Man’s Sky Beyond crashing dilemma on PS4 with error code CE-34878-0.

The No Man’s Sky Beyond update has finally arrived and it’s no doubt an amazing expansion for those with the ambition to discover billions of planets with a TV strapped to their eyes. Not only does the update do a much better job at introducing people to the game’s concept, but there’s also interface improvements and a bevy of mini stories and missions to be completed. However, a massive downside is that you’ll frequently be reminded you’re in your bedroom rather than space thanks to the update constantly crashing on the PlayStation 4 with error code CE-34878-0 being the most recurring culprit.

No Man’s Sky and Sea Of Thieves are two endlessly playable titles that were lambasted at launch for being empty shells, but it’s the former that has gone well Beyond exceeding people’s expectations due to Hello Games’ determination to make things right.

The developer’s Beyond update feels like the crowning achievement for the astronomical video game, even if it is difficult to properly appreciate right now thanks to it constantly crashing on PS4. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution that could spare you of the malevolent error code CE-34878-0.

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No Man’s Sky Beyond crashing: How to easily fix PS4 error CE-34878-0

Despite being an insulting empty playground at launch thanks to offering nothing more than an endless desert, No Man’s Sky has gone on to achieve one of the greatest comebacks thanks to developer Hello Games’ commitment.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

Unfortunately, the game’s crème de la crème update, Beyond, is impossible to properly appreciate in its current state thanks to it constantly crashing on PS4.

Kotaku has been told that a fix is cooking in the oven, but – fortunately enough – there’s a temporary solution that players can effortlessly implement themselves.

As mentioned over on Reddit, the error code most people are being slapped in the face with is CE-34878-0.

In the same Reddit post, numerous users report that turning off ambient multiplayer greatly helped. This’ll allow you to still venture to the Anomaly, but you won’t be able to see other players.

Provided this is a temporary solution you’re cool with, you simply need to head into Network and switch multiplayer from on to off.

It’s undeniably frustrating that the biggest and most exciting update for No Man’s Sky is bogged down by frequent crashes, but hopefully this temporary solution will allow you to briefly escape the mundaneness of reality to enjoy the wonder of space.

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