No Good Nick cast: Who plays Tamika in Netflix's hit show?

No Good Nick Tamika

No Good Nick boasts an impressive and diverse cast but who's the young star in the role of Tamika?

Netflix's No Good Nick has received high praise for its charming family-oriented plotline and expert handling of an LGBT storyline in the show's main cast.

It's no wonder therefore that the show makes good use of characters from varying ethnic groups to bolster a sense of diversity in the series. 

That's no less evident in the character of Tamika who appears in several episodes throughout parts one and two of No Good Nick's first season.

What is No Good Nick about?

No Good Nick tells the story of a young con-artist who infiltrates a seemingly ordinary family in the hope of robbing them blind after claiming to be an orphaned child whose last living relatives are the aforementioned ordinary family.

Complications arise though when the titular Nick catches feelings for the family as she's welcomed into their home as if she truly was a lifelong family member.

The series details Nick's life both at her new home and at school where she gets up to typically audacious hijinks.

No Good Nick Family Photo

Who is Tamika and who plays her?

Tamika is one of the children at the fictional school attended by Nick and her so-called siblings and the young pupil takes on a recurring role throughout the two-part season.

In No Good Nick, Tamika is played by 12-year old actress Sanai Victoria who appears in the latest of a long line of acting roles.

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What else has Sanai Victoria been in?

Despite her young age, Sanai has already appeared in 14 TV series and movies since her acting career began in earnest back in 2015.

Sanai had always been drawn to performing since she was very young. Aged just 2-years-old she was already participating in piano, gymnastics, voice and dancing lessons, seemingly destined to become a performer of some kind later in life.

Her first acting role of note came in the ABC series Black-Ish in 2015 and since then she's gone onto appear in the likes of Disney's Girl Meets World, Vampirina, The Paynes and, of course, Netflix's No Good Nick.

With so many acting roles under her belt so soon, it's no wonder that the young actress has more work lined up already with a role in The Diaries of a Female President already on the cards.

The name Sanai Victoria may well be one to remember in future.

Meanwhile, parts 1 and 2 of No Good Nick's first season are available to stream now on Netflix.

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