The future of the History Channel series Knightfall hangs in the balance but could Mark Hamill return if the series is renewed?

Everyone loves a good tale and the story told in Knightfall is, without doubt, a truly fascinating one that documents a crucial period in Western history throughout the middle-ages.

The second seasons of Knightfall hit our screens earlier in 2019 but demand for a third season is still high after the final episode in season 2 left the story with several loose ends that viewers would love to see tied up.

One such loose end is that fate of Talus, the character played by new addition to the series, Mark Hamill.

Unsurprisingly, fans of the series have been calling for answers about whether or not Knightfall will return for season 3 and if Mark Hamill will reprise his role as the veteran Knight Templar if it does return.

What is Knightfall about

Knightfall tells the 14th-century story of the Knights Templar, a mysterious order of religious knights who played a pivotal role in the Crusades, and their eventual downfall at the hand of King Phillip IV of France and Pope Clement V.

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Initially set in 1307, Knightfall pays particular attention to one knight Landry de Lauzon, a courageous and headstrong warrior with seemingly unwavering faith in God. However, his faith in the Templar order is shaken due to failures in keeping possession of the Holy Lands.

The series sees a reinvigorated Landry venture back into the fray as word arises that the infamous Holy Grail has resurfaced. 

Is Knightfall getting a third season?

At the time of writing, it is so far unconfirmed whether or not Knightfall will be back for a third season.

However, it took eight or nine months for Knightfall to be renewed for a second season after it originally broadcast in December 2017, therefore after the second season’s March 2019 release, we could still hear about a potential third season as late as December 2019.

It all depends on how popular the show was and with viewing figures falling for the second season, from over a million viewers to roughly half that for the second season, Knightfall could meet an unfortunate end although no word of its cancellation has surfaced as of yet.

Will Mark Hamill return?

Obviously, Mark Hamill’s return in Knightfall is closely tied to the fate of the show’s third season.

If it does indeed return for another batch of episodes, then there is every possibility that the legendary Star Wars actor could reprise his role as the wisened Knight Templar Talus. 

In the final episode of season 2, we see Talus fighting off a huge band of knights so that his Templar comrades can escape their clutches. Despite fears that he could well lose his life in the skirmish, we see him limping away from the fight, therefore, keeping alive the possibility of a return if the show does indeed get renewed. 

We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we know any details on the fate of both Knightfall and Mark Hamill’s role in the show.

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