Netflix’s No Good Nick is winning a lot of plaudits for its handling of LGBT representation and fans are loving it.

Despite ever-increasing competition from a growing list of rivals, Netflix still stands out as the leading figure in the streaming industry thanks to its impressive list of Original films and TV programmes.

The latest show to hit the streaming service to positive acclaim is the family series No Good Nick.

Fans and critics have praised the show for its cute, if a bit cheesy, nature and strong family dynamic.

However, after the release of ‘Part 2’ on August 5th, No Good Nick fans have a whole new reason to love the show that’s already winning a lot of plaudits, it’s brilliant handling of a somewhat unexpected LGBT plotline.

What is No Good Nick about?

No Good Nick, primarily, tells the story of a young con-artist who infiltrates a seemingly ordinary family with the intention of robbing them blind after she’s welcomed into their home claiming to be an orphaned child whose last living relatives are the ordinary family in question.

However, complications in the titular Nick’s plan arise when she catches feelings for the family who have lovingly accepted her into their home and her true identity and motivations are at risk of being found out by the family’s eldest son Jeremy.


The LGBT storyline

To the brief surprise of some viewers, it is Jeremy whose at the heart of No Good Nick’s LGBT storyline as it’s revealed mid-way through the second part of the series that he’s gay.

The show has received almost universal acclaim for the way in which his sexuality is revealed and dealt with in the show, as well as providing a heart-warming lesson for those watching.

You can watch the scene in question below, providing it doesn’t get taken down from YouTube, where Jeremy is caught kissing another guy but the way the show deals with it is absolutely perfect as its understated and feels completely natural in the context of the show.

Fans call for more!

In response to the charming storyline and the expert handling of a tough subject has received plenty of praise from fans who are now eager to see more if and hopefully when No Good Nick returns for a third batch of episodes.

As things stand, there is currently no news on whether another season of No Good Nick is heading our way but fans would clearly love to see more as plenty of viewers took to social media to heap praise on the series.



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