GameFace series 3: Channel 4 renewal status, air date and fan reaction!

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After another titillating series of the Roisin Conaty-starring GameFace, fans of the show have been left wanting more.

Series 2 of Roisin Conaty's GameFace came to an end on August 14th but fans of the show are already calling for a third season despite the new series coming to an end only recently.

It's no wonder that audiences want more after another series of side-splitting gags but after what was an almost perfect send-off for Marcella, does GameFace need another series?

Regardless of that, viewers who have dedicated their time to GameFace will surely be calling out for more episodes of the Roisin Conaty comedy. 

What is GameFace about?

GameFace tells the story of Marcella, an aspiring actress with a crush on her driving instructor, who struggles through the toils and tribulations of life with a sharp wit. 

After two series of seeing Marcella nearly make it, fans were given a brief moment of joy as not only did she get to advance her relationship with the aforementioned driving instructor but also got a 'high-profile' role in the fictional (for now) series Carewolves.

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What do fans think of the show?

Thanks to its relevant if, at times, cringe-worthy comedy, GameFace has earned itself a passionate audience who would, of course, love another series of the show to enjoy.

To show their support for the series, a number of viewers have taken to social media to voice their opinions.

Is it coming back for series 3?

As things stand, there is no news on whether GameFace will be returning to Channel 4 for a third series.

However, with an audience crying out for more there could always be further episodes set somewhere down the line.

Although, given the ending to series 2, which sees Roisin Conaty's Marcella achieve all of her goals, is there anywhere else the show could take its lead character? 

Regardless of that, what we want to see after the brief clips from the Carewolves series at the end of the final episode is a spin-off show centred entirely on the bizarre-looking fictional series.

For more news on the status of GameFace series 3, you can be sure that we'll keep you updated as soon as we here anything.

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