Borderlands 3: Which hilarious character is voiced by American rapper Ice-T?

Borderlands 3 Balex Ice T

The answer for which character American rapper Ice-T voices in Gearbox and 2K's highly-anticipated Borderlands 3.

Despite dozens of people pledging to boycott it over 2K and Randy Pitchford's eccentric behaviour, Borderlands 3 remains one of the biggest and most anticipated games of 2019 thanks to its frantic combat and Mass Effect influences. Yes, the title has been soiled in controversy ever since it was first revealed earlier this year, but there's a ton of reasons for fans to be excited about the 2012 throwback, including a cameo from American rapper Ice-T.

The Borderlands series has always boasted iconic voices, with Tales From The Borderlands being especially memorable thanks to its employment of Family Guy's Joe Swanson

Now the series can add another celebrity to its list of well-known voice actors as American rapper Ice-T has an hilarious cameo in Borderlands 3. But which character does he voice?

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Which character does Ice-T voice in Borderlands 3?

Although I personally wouldn't recognise his voice due to not being a fan of his genre of music, American rapper Ice-T is still a household name that everyone across the globe knows (he's the ice T that was in the worst Rick and Morty episode of all time).

The renowned celebrity fuelled rumours he was a character in Borderlands 3 back in March 2019, and the murmurings have now been confirmed as true.

So, with Ice-T officially confirmed to be a huge name amongst the game's credits, who exactly does he voice?

Well, rather than a badass character one would expect a rapper to play, Ice-T is instead the voice of fluffy pink teddy bear named Balex. And yes, he's called Balex because his parents were torn between Barry and Alex.

While he's a cute teddy bear begging to be hugged on the outside, Balex is actually an AI that's been uploaded into the fluffy furry by a scorned ex.

You can already see the comedic possibilities from the Freaky Friday set-up alone, meaning it promises to be one of the more memorable missions in the game.

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Borderlands 3 launches September 13 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on the Epic Games Store.

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