No, Xavier Woods hasn't teased GM Mode for WWE 2K20

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Many believe Xavier Woods has teased GM Mode for WWE 2K20, but the wrestler's playful remark is instead aimed at a game that hasn't yet been revealed.

WWE 2K20 comes out in just over two months, and the hype for the game pretty much feels nonexistent. While EA Sports has given FIFA 20's career mode the kick up the arse it needed for more than five years, 2K Sports seem as if they'll release another wrestling video game that fails to possess a significant leap in quality. Granted, the female MyCareer could be fun and the Four Horsewomen showcase mode promises a lot of exceptional matches with insightful interviews, but the lack of GM Mode is now infuriating rather than just disappointing. And no, Xavier Woods hasn't teased its return.

Ever since the amazing and expansive WWE 2K14, the company's wrestling video games have been lacklustre and dull affairs bogged down by a lack of creativity and an overemphasis on realism.

2K Sports are trying to resolve this dilemma by introducing whacky shenanigans into the MyCareer, but the publisher is again missing what the fanbase truly wants despite gamers having been loud and clear ever since SmackDown Vs. RAW 2009.

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Xavier Woods hasn't teased GM Mode for WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20's existence was never really in doubt despite a small number of threats about its supposedly late reveal, and the game was properly unveiled for the first time last week.

In addition to the announcement of a SmackDown 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition and a Four Horsewomen Showcase Mode, the New Day's Xavier Woods also confirmed a mysterious new feature called WWE 2K Originals.

Not only that, but he also confirmed the return of two old features marketed as something new: Mixed Match Challenges and Universe Mode.

The return of Universe Mode is more annoying than it is underwhelming thanks to the feature being nothing more than a rotten corpse that has been left alone since WWE 2K15.

Not only that, but its existence pretty much all-but-confirms that GM Mode won't be in WWE 2K20 as there'd be no point in including both.

Yet, despite GM Mode's existence being bleak, there are still dozens of people praying that 2K Sports will surprise us all. And this is where Xavier Woods becomes relevant.

A staggering amount of WWE fans believe that the UpUpDownDown host has teased GM Mode for WWE 2K20 thanks to the below tweet.

While it's easy to see why the above tweet has caused such a commotion, Xavier Woods' response pretty much kills any hope of GM Mode returning.

If GM Mode isn't returning to WWE 2K20, then what exactly is Xavier Woods teasing? Well, as pointed out by one fan, it's probably to do with Woods' mysterious mobile game.

No one knows what this mobile game is so everything from here onwards is pure speculation, but it could possibly be a WWE GM Mode simulation exclusive to mobile phones.

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Provided that is indeed cooking in the oven, then GM Mode's exclusion from WWE 2K20 would make a lot of sense. Yet, at the same time, it'd still be ungodly disappointing as a GM and Universe Mode cocktail would breathe so much life into the WWE 2K series.

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