Greta Gerwig returns to the directing chair with an adaptation of the classic novel Little Women but where is the film set?

Two years after her directorial debut with Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig is back behind the camera for her second feature film in the form of Little Women based on the 1868 novel of the same name.

The film is set to feature an all-star cast with some of the biggest names in Hollywood taking on roles in the film that is due to release in late 2019.

Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of the Little Women novel is set to be the eighth feature film version of the story first written in the 19th century by acclaimed novelist Louisa May Alcott.

But just where will the new film be set? Is Greta Gerwig going in a new direction or will she remain faithful to the original story?

What’s Little Women about?

Little Women tells the story of the four March sisters in this revolutionary coming-of-age story which takes place in the aftermath of the American Civil War.

The focus, at least from the trailer above, appears to be placed on Saoirse Ronan’s character Jo, who we see in the trailer pitching a novel to a book publisher.

Little Women’s timeless story and incredible cast, which we’ll get onto in a moment, looks like an instant classic and one that could speak volumes in today’s society despite its 19th century setting.

Who’s in Little Women?

Saoirse Ronan takes top-billing in the female-heavy cast and takes on the role of Jo March, one of the four March sisters.

She’s joined in the March family by Emma Watson, Florence Pugh and Eliza Scanlan who are set to appear in the roles of the Meg, Amy and Beth March respectively.

Performing across from Saoirse Ronan once again is Lady Bird co-star Timothée Chalamet who joins the cast as Theodore ‘Laurie’ Laurence, Jo’s apparent love-interest if the film’s trailers are anything to go by.

Laura Dern of Jurassic Park and Star Wars: The Last Jedi fame, takes on the role of ‘Marmee’ March, the mother of the four March sisters and head of the household.

However, it is the addition of Meryl Streep to the cast that is the biggest name to catch the eye here. The Oscar-winning goddess of the industry is set to play Aunt March according to IMDb.

With a cast like that, the film is set to earn a lot of attention when it releases just before awards season. 

Where is Little Women set?

Much like the book that the film is based upon, Little Women is due to take place in North America in the aftermath of the gruelling American Civil War.

To be more specific, it will focus on the March’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

In order to maintain as much authenticity as possible, filming of Little Women took place in the city of Boston between October and December 2018.

The film is due for release almost a year after filming the movie took place and is scheduled for release in the UK on December 26th, 2019. 

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