What nationality is Sigma? Here's how many countries Overwatch represents

Overwatch Sigma

Overwatch fans will be pleased to know that Sigma's nationality adds even more diversity to the game's already impressive list of represented countries.

Blizzard has just released update version 2.72 for Overwatch, and it brings a unique hero to the game as well as the Role Queue beta. There's a lot to be excited about when it comes to the game's latest hero Sigma, and one of the aspects players have wanted a definitive answer for is his nationality.

A number of gamers have feared that the newest addition to the game's roster would be American, but you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear that he's not and instead adds another country's flag to the exceedingly popular multiplayer title.

You can check out the patch notes for the Overwatch update version 2.72 by clicking here, but you simply need to continue reading to discover Sigma's nationality.

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Overwatch Sigma 2

Overwatch: What nationality is Sigma?

Sigma is the newest addition to the exceedingly popular multiplayer game Overwatch, and he's a tank who somewhat resembles Superman's greatest foe, Lex Luthor.

A once brilliant astrophysicist named Dr. Siebren de Kuiper, Sigma is the result of a science experiment gone awry and he now has the ability to control gravity.

Under the manipulation of Talon, the Lex Luthor lookalike continues to harness his unlimited power in a brazen effort to unlock the secrets of the universe.

He's by no means an easy character to master, but his arsenal of abilities and powers makes him one of the more unique, enjoyable and powerful additions to the Overwatch roster. Now all he needs is an xxx movie online to cement his popularity.

One of the most recurring questions fans have had about the infamous astrophysicist concerns his nationality, and his country of birth will be a pleasant surprise for those who were afraid he'd be American.

Rather than a tortured comic book antagonist who was turned into a villain thanks in part to being born in the calamitous USA, Sigma is instead Dutch.

The new Overwatch character was born in the Netherlands, and Reddit discovered this awhile back as Sigma's origin trailer included the phrase "Bevrijd me" (Dutch for "release me").

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Sigma's nationality and other represented countries in Overwatch

Sigma proudly waving the Netherlands flag means Overwatch now represents 19 or more different countries.

The newest Overwatch character is the only descendant from Holland, and his addition makes Blizzard's roster even more colourful and impressive.

You can find the list of represented countries below (via the same Reddit post):

  • United States (4): Soldier 76, Reaper, McCree, Ashe
  • Japan (2): Genji, Hanzo
  • Australia (2): Junkrat, Roadhog
  • Sweden (2): Torbjorn, Brigitte
  • Egypt (2): Pharah, Ana
  • United Kingdom (1): Tracer
  • China (1): Mei
  • South Korea (1): D.Va
  • India (1): Symmetra
  • Nepal (1): Zenyatta
  • Germany (1): Reinhardt
  • France (1): Widowmaker
  • Ireland (1): Moira
  • Switzerland (1): Mercy
  • Russia (1): Zarya
  • Mexico (1): Sombra
  • Haiti (1): Baptiste
  • Brazil (1): Lucio
  • Nigeria (1): Doomfist
  • Netherlands (1): Sigma

Regardless of anyone's views on Overwatch and its obscene popularity, there's no denying its roster is one of the best in any video game thanks to its diversity.

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