Summer McKeen: YouTube star in hot water over allegedly racist videos

Summer Mckeen (L) and Dylan Jordan attend the Marc Jacobs Fragrances Celebrates the Launch of DAISY LOVE on May 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Summer McKeen has landed herself in hot water after videos she posted on YouTube received considerable backlash.

YouTube is never very far from controversy in this day and age. Despite its humble beginnings, the size and scale of the video site means that someone somewhere is probably saying something on the site that they really ought not to be.

The latest in the ever-lengthening line of YouTubers to cause controversy is Summer McKeen who has come under fire for several videos which have received a less-than-positive reaction from viewers. 

After the huge backlash to the offending videos, Summer McKeen as well as friend and fellow YouTuber, Hannah Meloche, posted apology videos in an attempt to soften the blow.

Who is Summer McKeen?

As mentioned, Summer McKeen is a YouTuber and aspiring actress whose channel, which has earned an impressive 2.3 million subscribers, focuses on all sorts of content, ranging from makeup tutorials, fitness videos and general discussion videos.

Recently, McKeen came under fire for a sponsored video where she linked up with dating app Tinder.

The video saw Summer and her sister met up with supposedly total strangers who would show them round new cities they were visiting. The controversy arose when McKeen said that she would 'recommend' people try it out, despite the obvious dangers of meeting total strangers online.

Summer McKeen And Hannah Meloche

Why is she in trouble?

Summer McKeen has been thrown into hot water once again for videos posted online that show her in a less-than-positive light.

The YouTuber, along with friend Hannah Meloche, was criticised for a recent video where she is seen mocking and insulting fan edits of her videos as well as making offending comments about another influencer known as Vereena. 

However, the videos causing the greatest stir at the moment are of McKeen supposedly using makeup designed for black skin, in a video many feel was uncomfortably close to showing her in 'blackface,' as well as another video where she is seen mocking the way some black people talk. For more details on this, check out the video from Cartier Tea below.

What next?

In response to the severe backlash against her, Summer McKeen was quick to come forward with an apology, the video for which can be found at the top of this article.

On top of that, Summer has taken to her Instagram story to say that this whole debacle is a 'teachable moment' and begs her fanbase to give her a second chance after realising her mistake.

Whether or not she's given her desired second chance remains to be seen. 

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