Deep Water is set to debut on ITV but just who is the show’s up and coming star Rosalind Eleazar?

Continuing its penchant for gripping drama, ITV is set to add a new TV series to its ever-growing collection with the imminent release of Deep Water, which is due to air for the first time on August 14th, 2019.

The new series, which is set in the gorgeous Lake District, brings us a story full of intrigue, mystery and betrayal.

Joining the cast in one of three leading roles in relative newcomer Rosalind Eleazar but what else has the actress been in to date?

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What’s Deep Water about?

Deep Water tells the story of a trio of seemingly ordinary women and details the trials and tribulations of their experiences in balancing their work and family lives.

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Naturally though, not everything is as it seems and the trio of leading characters all have secrets that could leave them exposed.

ITV’s Deep Water is set to get underway at 9pm on Wednesday, August 14th.

Who is Rosalind Elezar and who is she playing?

Rosalind Elezar joins the cast of Deep Water as one of three leading ladies in the series.

Elezar takes on the role of Kate in the series and is joined by Anna Friel and Sinead Keenan who take on the roles of Lisa and Roz respectively.

On the surface, the trio appear to be just three ordinary women just making their way through life but that wouldn’t make for much of a drama would it? Little do each of them know, however, that there are secrets to each one of them that pave the way for a fascinating series.

What else has she been in?

Despite the long-running careers of her co-leads, Rosalind Eleazar has had a far shorter career and as a result, the highlight of her work to date is probably a 2016 appearance in Holby City.

However, she has not been short of work since taking up her first acting role back in 2015’s short film Lost Village. 

Since earning her big break in the aforementioned Holby City series, Rosalind has gone on to appear in several TV series including Rellik, Death in Paradise and Harlots.

In the near future for Rosalind appears to be not one, but two film roles as she’s set to appear in the films I’m Not in Love and the Armando Iannucci-directed The Personal History of David Copperfield.

In the meantime though, you can watch Rosalind Eleazar’s performance in ITV’s Deep Water when it makes its way onto screens at 9pm on August 14th.

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