Where is Deep Water filmed? Stunning setting in new ITV drama!

Deep Water Lake Windermere

Deep Water makes its debut on ITV on August 14th but just where is the stunning new series filmed?

ITV has proven in recent years to be a hotbed of fascinating new drama, quite often set in the UK.

Just this year, ITV launched cop-themed comedy-drama Wild Bill which centred around the Lincolnshire town of Boston and was filmed almost exclusively in and around the town.

Well, the channel's new addition, Deep Water, fits that bill too but travels to far hillier and wetter territory than its other ITV counterparts. 

What's Deep Water about?

Deep Water tells the story of a trio of seemingly ordinary women and details the trials and tribulations of their experiences in balancing their work and family lives.

Naturally though, not everything is as it seems and the trio of leading characters all have secrets that could leave them exposed.

ITV's Deep Water is set to get underway at 9pm on Wednesday, August 14th.

Deep Water Main Cast

Who's in Deep Water?

While Deep Water may feature a large ensemble of characters, few of the actors used are household names in the industry.

Starring in the three lead roles are Anna Friel as Lisa, Rosalind Elezar as Kate and Sinead Keenan as Roz.

Friel has worked with the likes of Will Ferrall in the past when the pair worked on the 2009 film Land of the Lost as well as Pierce Brosnan when she appeared in the 2016 film I.T. (not to be confused with the clown-featuring horror flick IT).

Rosalind Elezar, meanwhile, has had a far shorter career than Friel and as a result, the highlight of her career to date is probably her 2016 appearance in Holby City before going on to appear in the likes of Rellik, Death in Paradise and Harlots.

And finally, there's Sinead Keenan who has appeared in the likes of Doctor Who and Being Human and also had a starring role in another ITV drama in the form of Little Boy Blue.

Deep Water Rosalind Elezar

Where is Deep Water filmed?

Unlike the aforementioned Wild Bill, which was filmed in the Lincolnshire town of Boston, Deep Water took a far different direction for its setting.

The series was filmed in the Lake District in the North West of England, with filming primarily taking place around the famed Lake Windermere and the neighbouring Coniston Water.

The lakes are famed tourist locations and are very popular all year round. But to avoid most of the sightseers, the ITV crew filmed Deep Water between September and December 2018, meaning that ITV had some very cold actors on their hands, particularly as the series features a number of scenes with characters in the water of Lake Windemere.

You have to credit ITV for filming everything on location from the character's houses to the Blue Water Cafe in Coniston that appears during the series as well.

You'll get the chance to marvel in the sight of the Lake District when Deep Water makes its way to ITV at 9pm on August 14th.

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