Ever been told you look like somebody else? Well, this guy can’t complain!

For some, fancy dress options are a no-brainer. 

Every year, the majority of us will have to go in search of a costume at least once. Of course, the big one is Halloween. Gone are the days of seeing hundreds of Jason Voorhees’ and Freddy Krueger’s litter the high-street and pack out McDonald’s on the early hours of November 1st. Now, you can pretty much go as anything. 

It doesn’t have to be horror-themed, or scary; most of the time, the best costumes are the ones which aren’t the obvious choice. Increasingly, we see more and more TV characters wow the party, with the success of Game of Thrones providing more than a few stellar outfit ideas. 

Recently though, we’ve seen a surge in Peaky Blinders fancy dress. If you have a gang of mates, it’s a perfect choice. However, imagine if you didn’t even need the costume…

Cillian Murphy during an An Evening with Steven Knight and Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders at Esquire Townhouse with Dior at Carlton House Terrace on October 12, 2017 in London, England.

Scott Blower or Cillian Murphy?

The BBC crime-drama series arrived in 2013 and quickly became a bonafide phenomenon. 

It’s based on the nineteenth-century Birmingham gang of the same name, which is headed by Tommy Shelby, expertly performed by Cillian Murphy (Dunkirk). His performance often draws praise, with many declaring it the highlight of the show. 

In wake of the show’s popularity, a number of people have attempted to imitate his attire; it’s not a style easy to pull off. However, you could say that a man named Scott Blower has done the best job. Why? Because some genuinely mistake him for the actor!

As reported by the Mirror, the 47-year-old from Sale, Greater Manchester, began to receive attention when the show first aired. At the time, he wasn’t aware of the show or Cillian, but as it’s grown popular he’s had more and more people fooled on first glance. Here he is below:

Peaky Blinders: Scott Blower – Instagram

You can follow the Tommy Shelby lookalike on Instagram over at @scottblower.peakyblinder. He currently boasts an impressive 1,059 followers, which is surely set to rise. 

The same source notes that he’s actually a gardener by trade, but since the fans have been keen to highlight his resemblance, he’s become somewhat of a main attraction at a Peaky Blinders themed bar, which serves to replicate the experience of being on the show – with the added safety, of course.

Since he’s been at Peaky Blinders Manchester – the name of the bar – he’s become even more of an Instagram sensation, with people keen to get a snap with him wearing the iconic hat and waistcoat. They have a great thing going on there, serving fans good food, mouth-watering drinks and delivering a unique slice of 1920s-inspired entertainment. 


What does he make of it?

If you’re walking around looking like Brad Pitt or Margot Robbie, chances are you’re going to have a pretty different experience of life. 

While talking to the Mirror, he began to discuss how it’s been having fans think he’s the celeb: “…When we went to Marbella it was when Peaky Blinders was out, I was just getting mobbed. Even on the plane people thought it was him going away with his friend, so it was crazy. My mates loved it because we could get free beds – you know how they charge for beds and things like that over there? – so my mates would lap it up.

I never feel tempted to act like I am actually him. I would never do that. I usually just tell them… I was single when I started it and I could have walked out the bar or an event every week with a different woman but I’m not like that.”

He met his girlfriend – Nicola Stones (32) when he was in full Tommy Shelby attire, and he adds “She agrees I look like Cillian Murphy, I think that’s why she likes me.” 

So, if you want to meet him, you know where he’ll be!

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