A series of adorable Paddington-themed coins have been released but how much are they really worth?

You’ll be hardpressed to find someone who didn’t like Paddington Bear, the adorable fuzzball from Darkest Peru who was shipped off to London to start a new life with the Brown family.

It’s been decades since the original Michael Bond books were published but Paddington is arguably as popular as ever thanks to a certain pair of absolutely wonderful films which have been released over the past few years and have given the loveable character a new lease of life.

Now though, the Royal Mint has released a pair of Paddington-themed 50p coins to mark the 60th anniversary of the hat-wearing bear’s first appearance in novel form. 

The coins in question are a classy tribute to the bear and Paddington’s creator Michael Bond but just how much are these fancy new coins worth?

Paddington Bear 50p coins released!

After the Royal Mint unveiled the first of a series of coins last year to mark the anniversary of Paddington’s 1958 novel, a new pair of coins have now been released depicting Paddington on more of his London-spanning adventures. 

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The new 50p coins show Paddington enjoying trips to the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral after last year’s coin release saw the loveable bear venture to the train station after which he was named.

Different versions

As with any collectable item, there are always rarer and rarer versions to be had by die-hard fans.

It’s no different in this case as there are not one, nor two but three different versions of the newly released Paddington coins for you to own.

There is, of course, a standard 50p which shows Paddington in all silver form but there are also coins which have managed to colour Paddington in so that his red hat and blue coat are shown off in all their splendour. 

However, taking top spot on the list of many collectors will be the gold versions of the coin, of which, only 600 have been made.

How much are they worth?

The standard 50p Paddington coins can be purchased from the Royal Mint’s website for £10-a-piece, that’s 20 times the face value of the coin itself. For some Paddington-themed context, you could make approximately 90 marmalade sandwiches for the price of one Paddington 50p.

Meanwhile, the colourised version of the coins can be your’s for the higher price of £65 each. Or about 590 marmalade sandwiches.

However, the 22-carat gold version of the coin will set you back an eye-watering £850. That equates to 7,700 marmalade sandwiches, enough to keep Paddington fed for what, about a week?

The Royal Mint has already acknowledged the significance of the coins as they’ve already stated that, providing they’re well looked after, they could see an increase in value over the coming years as their rarity becomes more obvious.

How much would you give to get an adorable Paddington coin?

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