Pokimane reckons she has the answer to the internet’s most burning question: why hasn’t Alinity Divine ever been banned on Twitch?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding “popular” Twitch streamers and YouTubers. Brooke Houts has rightfully been lambasted for smacking and appearing to spit on her beautiful dog, Fortnite World Cup winner Sen Bugha has recently been swatted, and Alinity Divine has hogged the headlines for way too long for apparent animal abuse towards her cat. But why hasn’t the latter ever been banned from the world’s most popular streaming platform despite the controversy that always surrounds her? Every one of Alinity’s detractors has their own theory, and so does Pokimane.

Alinity has recently been the subject of a supposed “witch hunt” for throwing her cat over her head while live streaming on Twitch, and the internet’s wicked witch has again come under massive scrutiny for supposedly saying a racial slur while playing Apex Legends.

Masses of people have petitioned for Alinity to be banned from Twitch, but the streamer has always received hugs of encouragement from the platform’s staff rather than much-needed slaps on the wrist. And Pokimane believes she knows why this is.

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Why Pokimane believes Alinity has never been banned on Twitch

A lot of YouTubers and Twitch streamers have spoken about the “special treatment” Alinity receives compared to her peers.

Keemstar and PewDiePie have both made rationale arguments for Twitch giving Alinity preferential treatment, and it’s hard to disagree with the viewpoint when others have been suspended for far more innocent behaviour.

The less-than-perfect angels, PETA, has recently called for “animal abusers” Alinity and Brooke Houts to be banned from their platforms of viewership and monetisation, but a suspension or ban for Alinity seems as if it’ll never happen.

Alinity’s immaculate record on Twitch has raised more than a dozen eyebrows, and fellow streamer Pokimane has shared her thoughts on why she believes the Apex Legends player has never been suspended or banned.

“I think that, for example Alinity, when she sees that she’s done an oopsie or that people think she’s done an oopsie, she immediately messages her account manager and says ‘no this is what happened blah blah blah’,” said Pokimane on RaijPatel’s August 10 Podcast Royale (via Dexerto).

“My point is just, when you do talk to your account manager, I imagine that has influence on whether or not you get banned.”

“Alinity probably knows when people are reporting her,” Pokimane continued. “Her mods I’m sure tell her. And perhaps she goes out of her way to defend herself or present some sort of case to the account manager, which has an influence on whether she gets banned.”

In laymen terms, Pokimane’s theory boils down to Alinity being extremely good at talking her way out of a bad situation.

Being able to wax lyrical poetry about herself probably doesn’t seem to be one of Alinity’s skills with how she’s portrayed on Twitter and Twitch, but that is essentially Pokimane’s understanding for one of life’s most mind-boggling mysteries.

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