Despite the occurrence’s fatal history, Fortnite World Cup winner Sen Bugha was recently swatted live on Twitch.

While season 10 Battle Royale participants are likely elated by the news that Epic Games is toning down the infamously overpowered mechs and that there’s likely to be map changes to the Mega Mall after Tilted Town, some sad news pertaining to Fortnite is that its 2019 World Cup Winner, Sen Bugha, was recently swatted live on Twitch.

Sen Bugha recently won the Fortnite World Cup to capture $3 million, and his popularity has since skyrocketed.

However, as with all things in life, there’s pros and cons when it comes to being a celebrity or highly known individual online, and one of the most dangerous downsides is Twitch streamers being swatted.

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What does swatted mean on Fortnite?

For those blissfully unaware about the dangers that come with being an online figure and perhaps role model for some, one of the many potential and unpredictable hazards for online celebrities of the gaming community is being swatted.

As for what this means in reference to Fortnite, it’s a disturbingly common occurrence where some unknown individual reports that there is a police emergency at the home of a live streamer.

This then results in said streamer’s house being raided by armed police while thousands around the globe watch in bemusement and horror.

But, of course, it’s all just a harmless prank, right? Not at all.

Regardless of the fact that it wastes precious time and resources, it also has a fatal history with a Call Of Duty player having been killed back in 2017.

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Fortnite World Cup Winner Sen Bugha gets swatted on Twitch

On August 10, Fortnite World Cup winner Sen Bugha was playing the popular Battle Royale title on Twitch alongside Ghost Bizzle and FaZe Dubs.

The viewing was your typical Fortnite Twitch stream before Bugha asked his dad, “I got swatted?”

To the dismay of his abandoned teammates, the 16-year-old Fortnite champion went AFK and returned roughly ten-minutes later.

Back on Twitch, Bugha confirmed that he had just been swatted and that he was able to resolve the matter thanks to one of the officers recognising him.

“They come in with big guns, bro,” said Bugha. “They literally pulled up, holy shit. That’s scary.”

Although the matter was fortunately handled very easily, the fact swatting remains a huge concern is sad and troubling.

No one knows who made the false report and why, but it was a needless and stupid action that could have had far greater ramifications than recycled articles and Bugha returning to his lifestyle of playing Fortnite.

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