Poldark: Why melancholic Morwenna Carne had to leave her son

Poldark Drake And Morwenna Carne

Poldark's final season continues to offer up some more brilliant moments of TV and episode five was no different.

As the final series of BBC One's Poldark draws nearer to an end, the show's characters are starting to have their long and winding story threads tied up.

While Ross Poldark is embroiled in a conspiracy in the heart of London and Demelza Poldark struggles to keep the Poldark mine running in Cornwall, this week's episode five also saw plenty of attention paid to Drake and Morwenna Carne who have not had the easiest of times of late.

The young couple took centre stage throughout the episode which concluded with Morwenna bidding farewell to her young son whom she had with her former husband Osbourne Whitworth.

The events of the episode are clearly tough for the young woman and many have already questioned just why she had to stop visiting her son.

Who is Morwenna Carne?

Morwenna Carne, who was introduced to the show in series 3 as Morwenna Chynoweth, is the wife of young Drake Carne.

The character of Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) has not had the easiest of times since being introduced into the series.

From a brutish and abusing former husband, in the form of Osbourne Whitworth, to being separated from her young son John Conan, it's no wonder that she's almost always in a desperately sad mood.

However, thanks to the events of the most recent episode, it looks as if Morwenna's fortunes may be on the rise.

Poldark Morwenna Carne, Ellise Chappell

What happened to her in episode 5?

The most recent episode of Poldark, broadcast on August 11th, 2019, saw Morwenna and Drake discussing the possibility of reclaiming Morwenna's young son, John Conan, and moving far away from Cornwall to start a new life.

Morwenna's son has been living with his grandmother since the unexpected death of his father and Morwenna's former husband in series 4.

Despite Drake taking the boy momentarily, Morwenna - who is now teaching the children of Trenwith - realises her importance to the community and severs her connection with her son in the hope of creating a peaceful future for both herself and her son. 

It's a moment that tugged hard on the ol' heartstrings but why did Morwenna have to leave her son?

Why she had to leave her son 

As a result of Morwenna's split with her son, many have already questioned the young mother's decision but her choice is almost certainly the best option to give her son the brightest possible future.

We're shown throughout the episode that Morwenna and Drake aren't the most well-off of couples and taking young John Conan away from Lady Whitworth and her luxurious home would almost certainly be a poor choice for the boy.

Moreover, Morwenna's duty as a teacher compels her to not up-sticks and move away just so she and her son can be back together.

While it's obviously a hugely tough decision for her to make, it's clearly one that has put the best interests of her son and the children of Trenwith at heart. 

The fifth and final series of Poldark continues on BBC One on Sunday, August 18th at 9pm.

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