Who is Katheryn Winnick? Wu Assassins star trades Vikings for kung fu

Wu Assassins - Katheryn Winnick

Wu Assassins' Katheryn Winnick may be a familiar face for some but just where have we seen her before?

In an effort to broaden their horizons and maintain their global subscriber numbers, Netflix has had to get creative with the content it's churning out on the worldwide streaming service.

In recent months we've seen the likes of Maniac, Sex Education and The Umbrella Academy make their way onto Netflix and the latest creation from the streaming giant, Wu Assassins, is another perfect example of the diverse range of shows that Netflix has produced.

The series features a wide range of cast members from all sorts of different background including Indonesian star Iko Uwais who takes on the lead role in the series.

However, it is Katheryn Winnick who has caught our attention recently after she added the new Netflix series to her already extensive CV.

What's Wu Assassins about?

Wu Assassins tells the story of a seemingly normal San Francisco Chinatown chef who is bestowed with the mysterious powers of the Wu Assassins, a group of ancient monks who sacrificed themselves so that one day a chosen warrior could restore balance to the troubled world of the Chinese triads.

The series looks set to feature plenty of super-slick action, almost akin to what we've seen in the rip-roaring John Wick trilogy. Couple that with a mysterious tale of gangs and a mysterious all-powerful warrior and Netflix have got an interesting prospect on their hands.

Wu Assassins Iko Uwais

Who is Katheryn Winnick and who does she play?

Katheryn Winnick is a 41-year-old Canadian actress who has a starring role in Netflix's Wu Assassins.

Her character, Christine Gavin - who goes by the initials 'C.G.' - is an undercover police inspector charged with infiltrating San Francisco's Chinatown triads as the gang warfare threatens the safety of everyone in the city.

She quickly allies herself with Kai Jin (Iko Uwais) who has been gifted the power of an elite kung fu-fighting assassin who is tasked with bringing the troublesome triads down a peg.

Vikings - Lagertha, Katheryn Winnick

What else has she appeared in?

Katheryn Winnick has had a long and varied career in the acting world to date after making her on-screen debut in the 1999 TV series PSI: Chronicles of the Paranormal.

Since then, Winnick has gone on to appear in numerous TV shows and films over the year with obvious highlights being roles in CSI, Law & Order and the Adam Sandler-starring 50 First Dates.

However, Katheryn Winnick's most prestigious role, without a doubt, is her portrayal of Lagertha in the Amazon Prime series Vikings which has been running now for six seasons.

With Amazon and now Netflix on Winnick's CV, it surely bodes well for a prosperous continuation of her 20-year acting career.

Katheryn Winnick appears in Netflix's Wu Assassins which made its debut on the streaming service on August 8th, 2019.  

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