Is The Family on Netflix real: Five unbelievable truths!

The Family

The Family has shocked Netflix audiences everywhere.

Every family has its faults...

Conspiracy theories are aplenty on the internet, but every so often a documentary comes along which throws away the speculation and presents some truly scary facts and accounts.  

Netflix's The Family reached audiences on Friday, August 9th 2019 and has made quite the impression already, diving into the activity of an influential Christian group dubbed The Family. They are also referred to or known by The Fellowship or the International Foundation, and are based in America. 

So, why spend five episodes hearing about it? Is it just conspiracy theories 101? Well, there's more to it than that. 

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 Is The Family on Netflix real?

This isn't ramblings about UFO's and ghouls, but rather, an insightful examination of power. 

The Family formed in 1935 and was helmed by Abraham Vereide. The religious and political organisation was all about secrecy, and this model has remained the same today, with much of their vast influence seemingly unknown to the public. There are plenty of tall tales about them, but this documentary series is based on the findings of Jeff Sharlet, who has written a couple of books on The Fellowship and boasts an eye-opening account to how it operates. 

So yes, what we're presented with here is presented as fact, with evidence to back it up. It works as a comment on the relationship between this shadowy organisation and American politics. Considering this affects the globe, it's worth looking into more. 

Jeff Sharlet tells all

According to the Wikipedia page for Jeff Sharlet's 2008 novel - The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power -  he told NBC News of his experience interning with The Fellowship. "We were being taught the leadership lessons of Hitler, Lenin and Mao" and that Hitler's genocide "wasn't an issue for them, it was the strength that he emulated."

There's much talk about powerful and infamous leaders in the documentary. Of course, a quote like this conjures up some worrying ideas. 


A quote from Douglas Coe

As for the organisation's former leader Douglas Coe, The Family's Wikipedia notes that he said in a 2007 interview when asked about foreign dictators: "I never invite them. They come to me. And I do what Jesus did: I don't turn my back to anyone. You know, the Bible is full of mass murderers."

The connections and relationships The Family have with other powerful figures across the world are debated by some still, but interviews can still speak volumes...

With great power...

On Doug Coe's official Wikipedia, it says that Time Magazine named him one of the 25 most influential Evangelicals in the United States back in 2005.

It also states that he was commonly referred to as the "stealth Billy Graham"; the latter was often cited as one of the most influential Christians of the twentieth century. Doug actually passed away in 2017 after a heart attack and had six children and twenty-one grandchildren.

Lessons learned the hard way

Decider notes that Jeff Sharlet claims he was beaten up by members of the organisation. 

Nasty stuff! But as we know, it's all about secrecy. 


It's not about crime

In an interview with VICE, Jeff opened up about what makes it all so terrifying: "The most basic thing to say is this is not a conspiracy, because conspiracy theories are about law-breaking. The Family does not break laws; these are the people who are making laws." 

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