Cable Girls season 5: Netflix renewal status, air date and more!

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The Spanish Netflix series Cable Girls may only have just returned for a fourth season but could season 5 already be on the cards?

Netflix's ever-growing list of originals continues to expand in order to accommodate viewers from all over the world. 

As a result, a number of foreign language shows and films are being added to the streaming service at an increasing rate.

We recently mentioned the Middle-Eastern drama Dollar but our focus for this piece is on the Spanish series Cable Girls, or Las Chicas del Cables, which has recently returned for a fourth season on the internationally-famed streaming service. 

What's Cable Girls about?

The Spanish series, which has also been dubbed into English, is a period drama set in the late 1920s and tells the story of a group of young women as they begin their new careers as operators in the employ of a Madrid telecommunications company.

However, complications arise for one of the women, a former thief, is accused of a crime she did not commit and her supposedly calm life is thrown into an uproar. 

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The recent release of season 4

Season 4 of Cable Girls hit the Netflix streaming service on August 9th, 2019 and continues the story of the preceding three seasons, as one might expect.

The popularity of the series, despite its Spanish origin, has clearly proven to Netflix that the show may well be worth continuing to support.

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Are we getting a fifth season?

Despite the fourth season only releasing a few days ago, at the time of writing, a fifth season is already being touted by Netflix.

As things stand, there is no concrete news on a release date for the potential upcoming season but we understand that Cable Girls could well be returning in 2020 for a fifth season.

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