Alinity is again under scrutiny for supposedly dropping a racial slur on Twitch, and Keemstar is at the front of the mob calling for her to be banned.

In another article about a lass most people probably didn’t know before she tossed her cat over her head on Twitch, Alinity Divine has come under massive scrutiny (yet again) for supposedly uttering a racial slur on the streaming platform. Although Brooke Houts probably has the dishonour of being the internet’s most loathed personality for smacking and appearing to spit on her beautiful dog, Alinity isn’t far behind in second place. And this latest uproar from YouTuber Keemstar won’t help her popularity, despite others coming to her defence.

Alinity Divine has lately been hogging the headlines for supposed animal abuse, as well as for still being on Twitch despite the outcry for her to be banned or – at the very least – suspended.

Pokimane has shared her thoughts on why she believes the internet’s most wanted bounty has avoided suspension from Twitch, but the burning desire for her to be deplatformed has once again risen thanks to Keemstar’s reaction regarding her alleged use of a racial slur.

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Did Alinity drop a racial slur on Twitch? Keemstar says yes, others say no!

On August 10, Alinity was streaming Apex Legends on Twitch when she was believed to have uttered a racial slur while stumbling to say, “but Nick, your next prime is in the channel.”

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This apparent mishap quickly prompted Keemstar to post the clip on Twitter.

Along with uploading and sharing the clip with his band of followers, the Drama Alert host once again accused Twitch of preferential treatment towards female streamers.

Keemstar has vocally claimed in the past that Twitch has wrongfully suspended/banned male streamers for actions that wouldn’t have caused any commotion if it were women instead.

He has once again spewed this sentiment, and Alinity has been his main point of contention ever since she threw her cat on stream.

Twitch Partner Lumi responded to Keemstar’s latest allegation by accusing him of trying to make a mountain out of a molehill in order to push an agenda.

YouTube’s biggest stirrer fought against Lumi’s point-of-view by saying it’s only the men who were wrongfully banned that should be defended.

However, it was ultimately the Twitch Partner who left the most resounding message as she argued that no one should be wrongfully banned regardless of whether they’re popular or loathed, male or female.

Other Twitter users posted clips of Alinity saying the racial slur in the past with the justification that she’s “10% black,” but there were also people who leapt to the controversial streamer’s defence by saying that her latest slip of the tongue was a mistake or incorrect translation.

Regardless of anyone’s views on whether or not she should be banned for supposedly saying the racial slur, Alinity has defended herself on Twitter by saying it was a mispronunciation and mumble of words caused by English not being her first language.

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