GLOW: Here's how much nudity is in season 3!


The wait is over as GLOW season 3 wrestles its way to screens.

Netflix doesn't just shine.. it glows!

The popular streaming service has delivered some real hits this year, concluding the phenomenal Orange Is the New Black and offering (arguably) the very best season of Stranger Things yet. 

Over the current decade, we've seen plenty of brilliant Netflix titles take off, and one of the most exciting would probably have to be GLOW. Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch's acclaimed American comedy series chronicles a group of women who come together in the world of professional wrestling in the eighties.

They are collectively dubbed the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling; hence the title, GLOW. The first season reached audiences back in 2017 and became an instant hit for its colourful address, excellent characters and unique story. It was soon renewed and fans were happy to tuck into more episodes in Summer 2018. Inevitably, it was renewed once again also, and at long last, we were welcomed back into the fold on Friday, August 9th 2019.


Netflix presents... GLOW Season 3!

We've seen many people storm Las Vegas in cinema and TV, but now it's time for the women of GLOW to make their mark. 

Bustle reported that actress Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men) told the Los Angeles Times: "What always surprises and excites me is the way our writers find new ways to look at women and women’s issues in a way that doesn’t feel 'issue-y.'" Indeed, that's absolutely right, and definitely one of the show's greatest merits. 

The same source also notes that the actress outlined more nudity and a sexier season 3. This got fans thinking about how it would play out; the camp elements are expertly exaggerated this time around, and the performances are all as marvellous as ever. 

But, was she right about the nudity?

GLOW season 3: Nudity 

Season 3 is listed to contain strong sex references and brief strong nudity, and yes, that's what it delivers. 

Fans will definitely notice that the new crop of episodes contains more nudity than the previous, but it's also worth asserting that it doesn't feel forced and thrown in for the sake of having it. Sometimes a show will get amp up these elements unnecessarily, but it's not like it dominates any of the episodes here. 

Episode one has none, but episode two - 'The Hot Tub Club' - basically opens with a quickfire montage of sex scenes; they're only brief, but make an impression, announcing more to come and clarifying that Alison was right. Sometimes the camera will cut away before revealing anything major, but in episode three - 'Desert Pollen' - there's actually full-frontal male nudity at roughly twenty-three minutes into the episode. 

There's also some brief nudity in the expository five minutes of episode four, and that's it for episodes four and five. 

GLOW delivers!

Continuing on with episode six, it's worth highlighting the excellent use of Fleetwood Mac's 'Gypsy' in the intro, which works wonders. The episode sees the women get away and connect in the great outdoors - it's very dialogue-driven and, no, it doesn't feature any nudity. 

There isn't any in episodes seven or eight either, so - as mentioned earlier - it really isn't thrown in for anything's sake. You could argue that it saves the best until later on though, as a steamy threesome scene absolutely steals the show in episode nine. We won't ruin it for you, but it's a pretty big moment with a twist!

The ten-part season then concludes with 'A Very GLOW Christmas' which places particular emphasis on the wrestling and takes a rest from the raunchier stuff. 

Overall, it's another fantastic collection of episodes from the unique series, and after a quick binge, you'll certainly be ready for more. 

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