Fortnite: Why you haven't gotten a season 9 recap from Epic Games

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A guide for how to get a season 9 recap from Epic Games for Fortnite if you're complaining about it not working.

Fortnite season 10 has commenced and already everyone is bothered by the overpowered mechs and how the new limited-time challenges are keeping us hostage more than ever before (if that was even possible). Yes, season 10 definitely has its fair share of problems at the minute, but while Epic Games continues to hammer nails into your hands to keep you playing, you can look on the bright side of life by reminiscing about the good old days of season 9 with a custom-made recap.

Some happy-go-lucky Battle Royale volunteers may not know about all the hoops that need to be jumped through to earn a season 9 recap from Epic Games, so below you'll find all you need to know about why you might be having difficulties attaining one.

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Fortnite: How to get a season 9 recap from Epic Games

In order to momentarily stop crying over the state of season 10 by remembering the amazing times of season 9, you must have purchased the season 9 Battle Pass.

Furthermore, you also must have completed at least 20 weekly challenges from either the premium or free sets (challenges from special events and overtime don't count).

If you hadn't accomplished either of the two stipulations above, then you won't be next in line for a trip down memory lane.

However, if you were a good pet for Epic Games and completed the two requirements, then all you need to do is enter the season recap page on Epic Game's website and log into your Fortnite account to avoid seeing the droll "these are not the Llamas you're looking for" joke.

Once you've done that, you'll be given a neat video that shows a plethora of statistics from all the matches you played during season 9's duration.

Some of these stats include the vehicle you drove about like Tom Cruise in the most, the amount of times you partnered up with your buddies to participate in the sport of killing others, and the emote you used most often to masturbate your ego.

As if that wasn't tantalising enough, you can also create your own recap videos by choosing the stats you desire and the colour you prefer.

For the unfortunate sods who simply have to contend with watching others take glee in their season 9 recaps, you should know that a season 10 recap video is dependent on the same conditions being fulfilled.

This means you must buy the season 10 pass right away, and that you must sign your life over to Forntite by promising to complete a dozen of its weekly challenges.

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