Atlus has released the best Persona 5 Royal news yet, there’s a lot to dive into concerning newcomer Jose, and what do the Take Over lyrics mean?

Persona 5 The Royal is fast approaching its release date for the lucky buggers who reside in Japan or the people who have had the good sense to learn how to speak and read Japanese. To continue the momentum that has been rampant ever since the amazing Persona 5 concerts earlier this year, Atlus has released the best news yet, in addition to information pertaining to mysterious newcomer Jose. Furthermore, the soft remake includes a stunning hit named Take Over, for which you may be wondering what its lyrics mean.

The soft remake is helmed by the director of Persona 4: Golden, and it promises to be so much more than just a fresh paintjob with a few differences in dialogue. There’s new social link scenarios that will excite those who secretly enjoyed Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight, there’s a new Phantom Thief who will immediately provide competition to Ann for best girl (screw Makoto), and there’s new areas to explore when wandering aimlessly around Japan.

Furthermore, Atlus has just announced the best news yet, there’s a mysterious newcomer named Jose, and Persona 5 Royal will boast up to 20 new BGM tracks including the magnificent Take Over which has some catchy lyrics befitting a poet.

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The best Persona 5 Royal news yet

As reported by Kotaku, a recent Q&A session on Twitter resulted in one Japanese fan asking Atlus if Morgana would continue to be the player’s mum by constantly ordering them to go to bed.

For those who ended up wanting to strangle the feline for being a nuisance that wouldn’t permit fun, the fortunate news is that it won’t happen as often.

Yes, this is admittedly vague, but hopefully it means us grown-ups will actually be able to make plans to prowl the streets at night without having to worry about it being alright with mother Morgana.

The series’ newest mascot will no doubt do it occasionally for the purposes of the narrative, but it shouldn’t be as frequent.

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Who is Jose in Persona 5 Royal?

The newest Persona 5 Royal trailer introduced a mysterious character named Jose. With a “shell” hairdo, a fine grey jacket and wolf-like yellow eyes,  there was a lot of speculation surrounding the kid’s purpose.

Well, the latest Morgana Report discloses that the enigmatic boy is a student of flowers who can be found wandering the labyrinth referred to as Mementos.

As you roam about the maze of underground train tracks, Jose will be patrolling the same area in a dune buggy we all wish we had when we was little.

If you feed his obsession with flowers and “stamp pads”, then Jose will aid you in battle with powerful accessories and XP boosters.

Although Persona 5 admittedly became easier as you progressed through the game’s 100-hour long campaign, you will almost definitely need Jose’s assistance for the all new “darker” levels in Mementos.

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Persona 5 Take Over lyrics

One of the newest songs for Persona 5 Royal is a fine tune named Take Over. While Persona 5 already boasted a plethora of amazing songs including Whims Of Fate, Last Surprise, Life Will Change, Rivers In The Desert, and – my personal favourite – Jaldabaoth, Take Over is definitely a great addition.

In similar fashion to the game’s other amazing hits, Take Over is a stunning song that is catchy and easy on the ears.

It’s admittedly sometimes difficult for people to properly translate the Persona 5 songs, but a lyrics video has been posted on YouTube by a user named Stealthless.

According to Stealthless’ translation, Take Over is pretty much a song about entering someone’s “underground crypt” (essentially their Palace) and exposing the skeletons in their closet.

You can check out the lyrics video below.

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