11 hacks to sneak alcohol into a festival - Boomtown, Reading, Creamfields and more!

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The UK has seen record-breaking heatwaves and sudden downpours. It can only mean one thing; festival season is here.

Whether you're scrutinising over a method to get to Winchester for Boomtown or cramming together the last remaining pairs of socks for a muddy rave at Creamfields, the biggest packing concern is always alcohol.

Can we really bring a pack of 24 Strongbow or is it just a rumour?

Come to think of it, are 24 cans enough?

And was Dave joking when he said he was sneaking in four litres of home-made Skittles vodka in a pair of wellies?

From the downright bizarre and outrageous to the practical and inventive, here are seven of the best hacks for sneaking alcohol into a festival.

Cus' after all, come rain of shine, you're going to need some booze.

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Once you pop...

Simply pick any slim and slender alcohol bottle - perhaps a miniature bottle of wine or a selection of small whiskeys - and tape them to the inside of a Pringles can.

Of course, the added weight is going to give away the hack, so make sure the can is perched on top of a bag and not in reach of security.

Oh, and if you really we want to play it safe, we recommend using the Pink Prawn Pringles... no-one is going to want to pop them open!

An easy solution

Did you know that eye contact solution comes in bottles of up to 360ml?

And you know what that means! A fresh bottle may set you back £4 but you can easily pour out the useless solution and replace it with a spirit of your choice. 

We recommend using a smaller bottle, say 100ml, so that it looks less suspicious. No-one really needs that much eye contact solution for a three-day festival!

Now you're thinking with your loaf

The most inventive and creative method on this list, we feel like security chiefs would let you in even if you're caught red headed based on the effort levels that go into this one.

      • Find the biggest possible loaf of bread and skim the top off with a knife.
      • Boar out some of the fluffy middle with your hands and plonk in a small bottle of alochol.
      • Carefully chuck the top back on and you're done.

So long as no-one decides to rigorously inspect your loaf of bread then you could be that person to sneak alcohol into the festival  with the most ingenious method!

Tip: Use tiger bread and security are less likely to notice that it has been damaged.

I have a condition...

Bringing bottles of shampoo and conditioner are legitimate baggage items for any festival such as Boomtown, Creamfields and Reading.

Why not bin off the thick milky cream in exchange for up to 1000ml of your favourite drink. And if anyone asks, just say you've got the most disgusting dandruff.


Don't break the seal!

Taking a sealed top from one bottle and placing it onto another (so the seal doesn't look broken) is the most tried and tested method in the book.

However, it is quite technical, so we recommend watching this step-by-step YouTube video which has been watched close to one million times.

On the lookout

We've all crammed to the back of a massive crowd, desperate to see the stage but unable to squint 400 yards.

Fortunately, bringing a pair of binoculars to a festival will solve this ball ache.

Even better, you can just barge to the front with a pair of fake binoculars and your favourite liqueur in hand.

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Oldest trick in the book

For the boring festival fanatics out there who are going to stand at the back all day, moan that it's cold and head back to the tent before it gets dark and difficult to find your freshly polished gazebo, there's always the sleeping bag roll.

Simply place a large spirit bottle at the bottom of your sleeping bag and roll it up tight. Few people are going to squeeze hard enough to feel that there is a bottle inside.

Simple. Easy. Effective. The least exciting method on the list...

Ice, ice, baby

Now that you've got a hamper basket full of Pringle cans, shampoo, conditioner, eye solution and a random loaf of bread, you better add some ice packs.

The classic blue plastic ice packs can fit a good glug of alcohol and should rarely raise red flags when getting through security checks.

It's England... we burn

Replacing suncream with alcohol is a popular choice for festival-goers in the UK.

One, everyone knows we need layers upon layers of suncream to avoid frazzling in anything above 20 degrees.

Two, it's extremely satisfying to squeeze rum into your mouth like it's Lucozade.

And three, you can always just blame it on your mum - everyone's mum makes them pack a ridiculous amount of suncream!

Call me the Michelin man 

Find some resealable plastic pouch drinks such as Capri Suns. Fill them up individually with a super-strong cocktail and tape them to your body like you're the Michelin man.

This one is particularly fun if you can persuade a mate to it, as you can stick squidgy pouches to their body as if it's a game of Buckaroo before watching them waddle to the tent.

Sweeten the deal

Finally, you can go full rogue and not even bring alcohol into the festival.


Well, kind of.

Simply soak chewy sweets such as Gummy Bears with spirits at home to avoid pre-festival nerves about sneaking in with alcohol.

Alcoholic sweets are pretty undetectable... unless you give a security guard a mouthful, of course!

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