People over on Twitter have justly lambasted “disgusting” YouTuber Brooke Houts for slapping and appearing to spit on her dog.

In what is arguably more deplorable than the Alinity Divine fiasco thanks to the aggression and lack of control on display, the Twitter community has understandably lambasted YouTuber Brooke Houts for an accidentally uploaded video which showed her abusing her dog and seemingly spitting on it.

The video was soon removed from her channel, but – thankfully – it had already been downloaded and is now circling social media.

Because pranks on animals is apparently good content, the video in question shows Brooke Houts becoming frustrated by her dog and proceeding to smack and apparently spit on it. The footage is no doubt gross and shameful, and Twitter has justly criticised the YouTuber for her abhorrent behaviour.

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Twitter reacts to YouTuber Brooke Houts ‘spitting’ on her dog

YouTuber Brooke Houts accidentally uploaded a video which showed her spitting on her dog, and the footage was thankfully downloaded before she deleted it.

Now her 15-minutes of villainy begins thanks to fellow YouTuber Shoe0nHead sharing the clip on Twitter.

In a couple minutes clip made worse by appalling editing and the supposedly ‘infectious charm’ that is pure noise most YouTubers boast, Brooke Houts can be seen smacking her dog as it jumps up her.

She can also be seen using her weight to force the dog down, for which she then proceeds to spit on it judging by the fowl sound.

The 20-year-old has – of course – denied spitting on her dog in a lengthy apology that comes across more as an excuse and poor justification than sincere remorse.

Many Twitter users were quick to accuse her of trying to play “the victim card” by using a “bad day” as a justification for her behaviour, meanwhile others suggested she isn’t emotionally mature enough to own such a beautiful animal.

Others pointed out that she should probably rehome her dog to someone who can better handle it, for which H3H3Productions’ Ethan Klein has offered to buy it.

There’s no justifying what she did and her apology doesn’t feel sincere because it reads as an excuse for getting caught.

And, to make matters even worse, the dog was punished for being playful and energetic; behaviour that was way more captivating than the YouTuber’s regular and generic shtick.

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