No Good Nick: Who plays Will in season 2?

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Fan of Netflix's No Good Nick are wondering just who plays Nick's love interest Will as the pair hit it off in Part 2

No Good Nick returned to Netflix on August 5th for a second batch of 10 episodes after audiences were left with a cliffhanger ending earlier in 2019 after the show's first 'season.' 

Season 2 continues the story right from where the Thompson family discover that Nick might not be who she claims to be, something that could threaten to derail Nick's sinister plan. 

While Nick's life at the Thompson family home looks to be in jeopardy, she finds solace in the company of Will, her character's love interest from Part 1 who makes a return in the new batch of episodes.

But just who plays Nick's notorious knight in shining armour?

What's No Good Nick about?

Netflix's No Good Nick tells the story of a young con-artist, the titular Nick, whose aim is to infiltrate an ordinary family, by claiming to be an orphaned child searching for her last living relatives, in the hopes of eventually robbing them blind from right under their very noses.

However, complications arise when Nick grows attached to her new family and her true identity comes to light. 

The series stars several veterans of US kids' TV including Siena Agudong (Nick), Lauren Lindsey Donzis (Molly) and Kalama Epstein (Jeremy) but also features Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings and Stranger Things) as well as Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) as the Thompson family's parents. 

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Who's Will and who plays him?

As mentioned, Will is Nick's love interest throughout the series and appears in several episodes of the show.

The pair's relationship has become a fan-favourite element of the show as the duo seem totally made for each other, something plenty of the show's fans have opined on social media.

However, the actor who plays Will is uncredited in the show's online cast lists leaving many to wonder just who plays Nick's sweetheart.

Despite the mystery of the actor's identity, we have the answer... Anthony Turpel.

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What else has Anthony Turpel been in?

The 19-year-old actor is just beginning his fledgeling career in the industry but that hasn't stopped him from appearing in roles in both short films and several TV series.

Turpel's first acting role came in the comedy sketch show Comedy Bang Bang but he has since gone on to appear in the likes of The Bold and the Beautiful and 9-1-1. 

Both Part 1 and 2 of No Good Nick are available to stream now on Netflix.

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