Bruise or Fake? Fitness expert explains Logan Paul's leg injury

Screenshot: Logan Paul YouTube

Logan Paul withdrew from The Challenger Games with a hamstring injury... although not everyone is convinced it was real.

The film Cool Runnings feels you with pride, emotion and inspiration.

Loosely based on the formation of the first-ever Jamaican bobsleigh team, four pioneers of the sport defied all odds in order to compete at the 1988 Winter Olympics 

Their bobsleigh crashed in the final race yet the team carried their sleigh to the finish line, committed to finishing the job they started and desperate to do their nation proud.

This is how we envision Logan Paul felt when he hobbled and hopped down the final straight of The Challenger Games relay.

However, some Twitter critics refuse to believe the injury is real, with an 'evidence' follow-up video showing bruising that is so severe people have dubbed it a "makeup trick".

Fortunately, we have an expert to weigh-in on the matter...


Screenshot: Logan Paul Vlogs

What happened at The Challenger Games?

Logan Pal finished dead last in the sporting event that was held for famous online faces. They competed in a host of track events and streamed the event on YouTube to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Throughout the competition, Logan complained of a hamstring injury, which gradually worsened. By the time of the final event, a team relay, Logan refused to give up but sort of hopped on one leg down the final straight.

On Twitter, he said:

What a fkn AMAZING event. I'm exhausted and incredibly happy (even though i pulled my hamstring and failed immensely)... we raised a bunch of money for the @SpecialOlympics.

Twitter debates Logan's injury

At the time of the event and races, no-one questioned Logan's injury.

However, when he posted a follow-up video showing the damage of his pulled hamstring, there was a backlash on social media

Some people have questioned the severity of the bruising, which looks pretty damn crazy when you watch the video below

On Twitter, some fans have defended Paul by adding things like: "Fake injury? Some people on here are brain-dead."

However, others have remained sceptical about the injury, saying that bruising like this doesn't occur to a pulled hamstring. Not to mention the cover video for the YouTube video, which looks like a fake sleeve.

What the fitness experts say...

Personal trainer, health and wellbeing expert and director of Urban Training Health Liam Holder studied Logan's injury to determine whether the bruising could be fake.

Some people have called out Logan claiming that the bruising is not possible from a hamstring 'pull' and Liam agrees.

However, he also states that the bruising does 100% look real and that it is more likely a simple case of Logan giving his injury the wrong technical terminology.

Liam said:

"With the amount of bruising on his (Logan's) leg, it looks more like a hamstring tear than a 'pull'.

For that severity of bruising you would be looking at muscle tear, where tissue damage ruptures capillaries and a large number of cells, causing an increase in fluids outside of the muscle cells (bruising).

It definitely looks real, you just wouldn't get that much bruising from a 'pull' like Logan stated."


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