Will Ackley Bridge return for season 4? Series 3 finale throws doubt over show's future

Ackley Bridge

Ackley Bridge's third series has come to an end but does it mean the end of the show is here?

After another eight brilliant episodes, series 3 of the school-based Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge has finally come to an end and what a rollercoaster it's been.

We began the series with the tragic death of Missy Booth, one of the show's primary characters before the focus fell on Nas and Sam's relationship and the stresses of Sam's home life. That was before Cory and new acting head of Ackley Bridge Sian Oakes began a forbidden love affair which yielded dramatic consequences.

Unfortunately, August 6th's episode marks the end of the show's third series but does that mark the end of the show itself? With talk of Nas heading off to university popping up all throughout the series, can the show survive without its main character?

Series 3 finale

The final episode of series 3 saw Nas, the show's main student character, head off to university after being accepted onto a course at Oxford.

She was initially turned down for the place after earning poor grades in her A-Levels but after explaining that she had been put under undue stress thanks to the death of Missy Booth earlier in the series she was awarded the place. 

Series 3's final episode also saw the show's trademark skip, where Nas and Missy would hang out, taken away, giving the episode a feeling of finality.

Ackley Bridge - Nas

Is this the end for Ackley Bridge?

With Nas heading off to university at the end of series 3 then the show will have lost one of its main characters, however, that doesn't necessarily mean the show has to end there.

Don't forget, schools are effectively a huge conveyer belt, as soon as someone leaves, someone else is welcomed straight back in.

Therefore, it's not hard to see Ackley Bridge reforming itself with a new and revitalised cast going forwards if Nas is indeed heading out at the end of series 3 although it will very much feel like a different show without Nas in the main cast.

Ackley Bridge Cover

Will there be a fourth series?

As things stand, there is no word yet on whether Ackley Bridge is being renewed for a fourth series which does lend itself to the possibility of the show ending at three series.

However, we didn't learn of series 3 until the credits rolled at the end of 2018's second series, so there may be news of a fourth series, or even a spin-off in the near future now the final episode has aired. 

We'll just have to wait and see but you can be sure that we'll update you as soon as we find anything out about a potential return for Ackley Bridge.

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