Seven best Euphoria makeup looks to recreate for festival season!

Screenshot: Euphoria trailer

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HBO’s Euphoria blasted onto American screens eight weeks ago and is now taking aim for the UK.

The series stunned US audiences with its hard-hitting, gritty storylines, surreal cinematography and more male nudity than Game of Thrones.

One lighter aspect of the show was its costumes and makeup which, unlike most high school dramas, played a central part in developing characters and plots. 

The creative was led by LA makeup artist Doniella Davy, who took inspiration from the cast’s own relationship with makeup to inspire their characters’ looks.

We’re 100% certain these Euphoria makeup looks will dominate the oncoming summer fashion season, so it’s time to start recreating some of the best looks at home!

Maddy’s rhinestone makeup

Where else could we start but with makeup queen Maddy?

Maddy, the popular cheerleader entangled in an abusive relationship, is played by Alexa Demie. Alexa had a huge part in directing Maddy’s makeup and one of the core elements of her looks has to be rhinestones.

Maddy is extra AF and she doesn’t care who knows it. By jazzing up her regular looks with diamantes and rhinestones adorned on her eyelids and hairline, Maddy goes the extra mile here.

If you want to pull this off, all you’ll need is skin safe cosmetic glue, tweezers and the rhinestones.

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PSA: There’s more to Maddy’s makeup than rhinestones and cat-eyes! Underneath her elaborate armor, Maddy feels the pain of crushed childhood dreams and a psychotic and abusive boyfriend. I designed her makeup to have a fantastical element to it because despite her fierce outward personality, Maddy is a diehard Romantic who wants to transcend the “loveless marriage” that is her home life. Swipe to see some of my favorite looks that @kirinrider gorgeously brought to life, always adding her own unique flair! The last pic was just a random makeup test that I did on Alexa before we started filming, but I think it fits in with this post. #euphoriahbo #euphoriahbomakeup #rhinestones #rhinestonebrows #rhinestoneeyes #feeleuphoria #euphoriamaddy

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Kat’s Halloween look

Although we could’ve chosen just about picked any of Kat’s (played by Barbie Ferreria) makeup looks, the Halloween makeup stands out in particular.

This looks epitomises Kat’s journey from sweet and naïve to a sexual, dominating force.

Makeup artist Doniella Davy upped the ante for Kat’s Thana costume (from Abel Ferrara’s Ms. 45) with neon red and black colours on both her eyes and lips.

And who could forget about those upside-down glitter crosses? Iconic.

Block eyeshadow 

Another Halloween look which brought one of the biggest trends was Cassie’s.

Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney, rocks an Alabama Worley costume to the Halloween party. Running with the 80s style, Doniella Davy chose a turquoise block eyeshadow for Cassie.

Pops of neon

Throughout the series, neon is used time and again. From the trippy lighting in their house parties to the full-on rave sequence in episode 7, it’s a key part of the show’s cinematography.

But no-one rocks neon like Jules (Hunter Schafer).

Jules has neon orange painted all around her eyelids and eyelashes making for a dramatic futuristic look.

Painted on cherries

Maddy holds another of the top looks down with her painted-on cherries.

In episode 5, Maddy’s flashbacks to childhood show that she always had an interest in playing with makeup.

Young Maddy and older Maddy both rock a classic look of jet-black winged liner, cherry red lips but with the addition of cherries painted at the corner of each eye.

This look will take a steady hand and a paintbrush but will 100% be worth it!

Glitter tears

Glitter is a central part of the Euphoria cast makeup look. The glitter almost becomes a character itself as it transforms scenes from regular events to trippy hallucinations.

And nowhere is this more present than when Jules and Rue (Zendaya) delve into drugs.

Glitter tears are hard to pull off. If you prefer a subtle look you can invest in a glitter eyeliner and draw them on but if you’re looking for as bold a look as Jules and Rue then you’ll have to paint on pieces of glitter by hand, using a brush and makeup adhesive.

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“I’m so happy” - Rue, Euphoria, Episode 1. #euphoriahbo #euphoriahbomakeup

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Multi-coloured eyeshadow

The opposite of the single block eyeshadow trend is having a variety of colours spattered across your lid.

And no need for blending and shading here, as Doniella Davy whacks layer upon layer of colourful eyeshadows on Jules.

Doniella wanted Jules to be creative with her looks and not explicitly masculine or feminine. We think this experimental makeup does the trick perfectly!

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