Everything you must know about the impending Suicune Raid day for Pokemon Go including its date.

The final Pokémon Go fest in Yokohama, Japan, commences August 6 and there are a bunch of challenges for the game’s community to complete in order to unlock a Special Suicune Raid day.

Here’s the research tasks that need to be completed (via Super Parent):

  • Pokémon Go Fest Yokohama event attendees – Complete 2 million research tasks to unlock 3x Catch Stardust
  • Team Instinct – Complete 25 million research tasks globally to unlock guaranteed 3,000 Stardust per raid.
  • Team Valor – Complete 25 million research tasks globally to unlock 3x Hatch Stardust
  • Team Mystic – Complete 25 million research tasks to globally unlock 1-hour Star Pieces

ComicBook notes that if players complete all four challenges, then PokéTrainers will receive a special Suicune Raid Day on August 17.

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Original Story:

The Pokémon Go community was obsessed yesterday with beating the legendary dog, Entei, in efforts to catch its shiny counterpart. This Raid culminated on July 14 after only three hours, but the mobile community shouldn’t mope around too much as they have a day to look forward to next month in which Suicune returns to Raids.

Niantic has provided plenty of reasons to be excited about Pokémon Go‘s imminent future, yet the most noticeable event fast approaching is the festival in Yokohama, Japan.

Provided everything goes by the book, this festival should conclude with Suicune being unleashed back into the Pokémon Go wilderness.

Pokémon Go Suicune Raid day

Aside from being a Pokémon whose name Microsoft keeps trying to change to suicide, Suicune is a pure water beauty with purple hair that most women dream about.

Following Raikou and Entei, Suicune will be the third legendary dog to return to Raids this summer. This is provided everything goes according to plan during Pokémon Go‘s festival in Japan.

The Yokohama festival commences on August 6-12, and it’s up to the Pokémon Go community to complete enough challenges during the event’s duration for the final dog, Suicune, to return to Raids.

A date hasn’t been provided for when it’ll likely be available to batter into submission, but expect it to be extremely limited as Entei and Raikou were only around for three hours each.

Suicune has been one of the legendary Raid bosses in Pokémon Go before, where its CP was 37,761 with a Max Capture CP of 1,704 or 2,130.

Its weaknesses were electricity and grass, making the following Pokémon the most appropriate opposition for the best counters: Raikou, Tangrowth, Zapdos, Venusaur, Exeguttor, Electivire, Mewtwo, and Sceptile.

But, while weak to grass and electricity, the raid boss was also strong with its psychic and water-based offence: Water Pulse, Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump, and Extrasensory.

Again, a date hasn’t been announced for Suicune’s return, but it’ll happen after the Yokohama festival with probably a three-hour window only.

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