Season 2 of No Good Nick may only have just released but it hasn’t taken long for fans to start calling for a third season!

Netflix’s No Good Nick may have just returned for a second season on the streaming giant but fans of the series are already calling for a third series of the family show.

Despite the show only recently hitting the streaming service, it appears to have picked up a sizeable and dedicated audience who wasted no time in binging the whole second season once it hit Netflix.

The question now remains, however, is No Good Nick popular enough to warrant a third season? And if so, when would it be heading to our screens?

What’s No Good Nick about?

No Good Nick tells the story of a young con-artist, a 13-year-old schoolgirl, who infiltrates a seemingly ordinary family, the Thompsons, in the hope of robbing them blind.

Nick, short for Nicole, has turned to this life of deception to help free her imprisoned father.

To do this, she masquerades as an orphaned child and claims that the Thompsons are her last living relatives. 

Being the kind and hard-working family they are, the Thompsons, led by parents Ed (Sean Astin) and Liz (Melissa Joan Hart), welcome Nick in with open arms, throwing a spanner in the works for Nick who grows fond of the family.

Season 2’s release

After the show made its debut on Netflix in April 2019, a second season – or Part 2 as Netflix dubs it – was always likely thanks to a dramatic cliffhanger ending.

Unsurprisingly, albeit a little quicker than many might have imagined, No Good Nick returned for a second season on August 5th 2019.

Unlike Part 1, which left fans desperate for more with that cliffhanger ending, Part 2 came to a more fulfilling conclusion as Nick, whose real identity is discovered, is welcomed back into the family with open arms.

However, while the happy ending may satisfy some, it does leave room for more if Netflix felt the series has earned enough of a following to pursue it further. 

Is it renewed for a third season?

At the time of writing, there has been no announcement from Netflix about the series being renewed for a third season.

As is the case with the online streaming world, if No Good Nick’s second outing can’t bring in the viewers then it could well be the end for the show. 

With Netflix facing increasingly tough competition in the streaming world, the site can’t risk churning out money for shows people simply aren’t going to watch. 

So if you want No Good Nick to hang around and get a third season, you better spread the word and get people watching before Netflix decide to pull the plug.

However, if No Good Nick is indeed worthy of a third season, with such a quick turn around between the show’s Parts 1 and 2, then we could well see a season 3 making its way onto Netflix in early 2020 but we’ll have to wait and see what the streaming gods decide.

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