Faith is back on BBC One, but how long for this time?

As the title would hint, fans are keen to keep Faith on screens after an excellent start to series 2. 

The beloved Welsh drama returned to BBC One on Tuesday, July 23rd 2019 and so far it’s proven essential viewing every week at 9 pm. There are actually two incarnations of Keeping Faith – one in Welsh and one in English – with the English version debuting in 2018.

Fans were ready to embrace it again soon after the first series aired, but of course, good things come to those who wait. Now, we’ve been digging into the new crop of episodes for a few weeks, keen to see how things will wrap up.

There really is a lot going on this series, and many were a little confused at first, doing their best to be brought up to speed by the whirlwind of information fed across the introductory episode. It’s in full swing now though, but how long will it stick around this time?

Big changes for the BBC series!

Of course, the sensational Eve Myles is back as the titular Faith Howells. The actress has delighted in such productions as Broadchurch, Victoria and Torchwood, but arguably Faith is her finest screen role to date. 

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Series 2 had a daunting job to do from the very start. The first ended on a nail-biting cliffhanger; they had to address that head-on and essentially close certain wounds before opening up new ones. It was a bit of a hectic blur, bringing in flashbacks and answering some imperative questions, but overall, it did a good job reintroducing us to the fold. We’ve seen the iconic yellow mac ditched for a striking blue alternative, which caused quite the discussion online, and also we’ve watched Anastasia Hille take over from Angeline Ball as Gael Reardon.

Amidst murder trials and an avalanche of shocks and reveals, this could actually be better than the first series, but only time will tell really. It all depends on whether it continues to progress effectively, and indeed, the clock is ticking. 

When does our time with Faith run out?

Keeping Faith: How many episodes in series 2?

Series 1 delivered a satisfying eight episodes, and naturally, audiences assumed that the follow-up would offer the same. 

However, that’s not the case. Keeping Faith series 2 is six episodes long, packing in more drama in fewer hours; no wonder it’s been a bit more stressful! If you’re watching it weekly and find yourself growing a bit impatient for the next episode to rear its head, we have a solution for you. 

Rather than spreading it across the weeks, you could cut to the chase and watch the entire series in bulk over on BBC iPlayer. Both series 1 and 2 are now available in full, so if you have a night free it’s definitely worth a shout. 


Keeping Faith: Season 3

Once you’ve raced through the rest of the series, chances are you’ll be looking straight ahead for a series 3 release date. 

Currently, there has been no news, but of course, it’s still early days for anything concrete. Series 2 is set to conclude with episode 6 on BBC One on Tuesday, August 27th 2019, so perhaps after then, there will be some news of a renewal.  

For now, whether you’re tuning in weekly or going in for the binge, enjoy!

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