Poldark: Who plays Geoffrey Charles? Why has the actor changed again?

Geoffrey Charles Poldark - Freddie Wise

Poldark's fifth and final season has offered up plenty for fans to get their teeth stuck into, including yet another actor to play young Geoffrey Charles

Series 5 of BBC One's Poldark has returned in typically impressive fashion with the final season captivating audiences once again.

As the show's final episode bears down on us, we're going to have to bring ourselves to bid farewell to Poldark's cast of characters when the series finale hits our screens.

One such character is Geoffrey Charles Poldark who has appeared in the show since its very first series. However, unlike Ross Poldark who has been played by Aidan Turner exclusively for all five seasons, Geoffrey Charles has seemingly been played by more actors than anyone else on the show. 

But just who plays him now and how many actors have played the frequently recurring character?

Geoffrey Charles Poldark - Freddie Wise In Action

Who is Geoffrey Charles?

Geoffrey Charles Poldark is the orphaned son of Francis Poldark and Elizabeth Warleggen. 

He was first introduced to us way back in the show's third episode after his mother gave birth to him.

Since then, Geoffrey Charles has grown up throughout the show.

We joined Geoffrey Charles throughout his childhood in Cornwall and saw how the terrible loss of his father affected him.

He was later sent away to boarding school in Harrow but upon learning of the death of his mother, has since returned home citing his desire to join the military.

Geoffrey Charles Poldark - Freddie Wise In Uniform

Who plays Geoffrey Charles?

Geoffrey Charles Poldark has undoubtedly been played by more actors than anyone else in the BBC series, six if you include his appearances in series 1 as a baby.

In series 5, Geoffrey Charles is played by newcomer Freddie Wise. Poldark is the actor's first role according to IMDb but he is slated to appear in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil later in 2019.

Series 2, however, saw the young Geoffrey Charles played by two actors. The opening episodes of that series saw Nicholas Read (Victoria) take on the role only for the torch to be passed to Max Willis (Not Going Out) for the remainder of the second season.

In Poldark's third season, the role went to Harry Marcus (Beauty and the Beast) before Louis Davison - son of Doctor Who actor Peter Davison - (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children) took on the role for Poldark's fourth series.

Geoffrey Charles Poldark - Louis Davison

What's the reason for the change?

Geoffrey Charles Poldark has been played by so many actors thanks to the structuring of the series' story. 

When we first met the young Poldark way back in season 1, he was little more than a newborn baby.

Fast-forward to season 5 and he's now a young man, albeit on the fringes of adulthood. 

If Poldark was a show like Game of Thrones, for example, and ran for almost a decade, then using one or two actors may have been understandable for such a character.

However, as Poldark only made its way onto our screens in 2015, and tells a story spanning 20 years, it's not hard to see why so many actors were used to portray Geoffrey Charles' character as we have watched him grow up throughout the show's five seasons. 

Series 5 of Poldark continues with episode five on Sunday, August 11th.

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