Five must-watch SPORTS docu-series on Netflix right now

Screenshot: Last Chance U

With the recent arrival of Last Chance U and Basketball or Nothing, Netflix is brimming with incredible sports docu-series.

Whether you're a die hard football fan, a water polo fanatic or only know about sport because you once played rounders in school, there's a sports docu-series out there for everyone.

Nowadays, the pre-game hype, modern day tactical analysis and emotional backstories often outshine the actual game. And that's exactly why we love the documentary format.

Netflix is bursting with documentary-sports series right now, with insightful, heart-breaking and unbelievable tales in every sport from American football to Formula 1.

Prepare to develop personal bonds with random amateur players and load up a spare Google tab to find out where your favourite sportsperson is now.

Here are five must-watch sports docu-series on Netflix right now.

Last Chance U - Netflix

Last Chance U

HITC's No.1 pick: This is our favourite sports docu-series by far and a definite must-watch. It's an American football series that focuses on what is known as the JUCO League, a football division for students who have been labelled 'academically ineligible'.

Essentially, the teams and players are near NFL-ready in skill and physique but don't have the academic grades to get there.

Last Chance U follows these students - who are often from underprivileged backgrounds, accustom to gang violence and crime - and watches over them as they give school one last shot while playing football at the same time.

It's a hugely enlightening watch for UK viewers who know little about both the sport and the unfathomable culture that surrounds student athletes across the pond - these guys are in college playing at 10,000-seater stadium and training from 4am in the morning!

Bonus tip: There are four seasons now available on Netflix, with the latest season dropping in July. However, not all four series are correlated.

Seasons 1 and 2 follows the East Mississippi Community College while seasons 3 and 4 focus on the Independence Community College.

We recommend watching seasons 3 and 4, where a volatile and insanely aggressive head coach called Jason Brown is in charge. Eventually, coach Brown is sacked from the school for telling one of his German players that he is their "new Hitler"... which sets the tone for an explosive season at ICC.

Basketball or Nothing

Cultural eye-opener: The series closely follows the Wildcats basketball team of Chinle High School, who are in hot pursuit of winning the Arizona State Championship.

However, most importantly, the series shines the light on Native American athletes as the school is located in Navajo Nation - native American territory.

The series is the first of its kind when it comes to focusing on Native American athletes and has a very different feel in comparison to the machismo that comes with American football.

Weekend warrior: Each episode is only 30 minutes long and there is only one season with eight episodes. Basketball or Nothing is perfect for a weekend binge!

Formula 1: Drive to survive

Fast and furious: With a 8.6/10 IMDB rating and 97% Google User score, Formula 1 is one of the most gripping and exhilarating docu-series around.

Each episode is just 30 minutes, meaning you will speed through the 10-episode series in no time. As a sport, Formula 1 has always been about skill and technical excellence, with technology a key driving force to success.

However, this candid series brings a personal touch to the racing game with slow-mo accidents mixed in interviews about the ambitions, fears and concerns for drivers, managers, mechanics and their families.

Formula 1 - Netflix


Why watch? Like Last Chance U, QB1 is an American football docu-series. However, rather than focusing on an entire team or school, the Netflix show is all about a handful of individual quarterbacks.

This makes QB1 an incredibly personal journey, as you follow three student-athletes who have been tipped for NFL glory in the future as they carry the burden of high expectations, pushy parents and inbounding fame.

Spoiler check: There are two seasons on Netflix but you don't need to watch them in order. This is not a new series (2017 & 2018) either, so there are plenty of spoilers online about who does and doesn't make it.


It's not all BS: Yes, Fearless focuses on professional bull riding in America. So yes, it is a real sport.

The series follows Brazilian bull riding legend Adriano Moraes and a team of his national compatriots as they attempt to make their mark on the USA pro circuit.

Dubbed the 'most dangerous sport in the world', you won't believe the training, danger and death toll associated to a sport that makes little sense to UK viewers.

If you thought Neymar made good money, wait until you hear of the bull rider who made $117,000 for 32 seconds of action.

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