Rising rapper Aitch is making quite the name for himself, but what’s his actual name?

A good few years ago, high chances are your favourite rappers were all American…

How things have changed. Sure, US hip hop is arguably bigger than ever too, but the transformation and success of the UK rap scene has been staggering. 

Grime took off massively, with artists like Skepta taking over the nation’s headphones and even winning the Mercury Prize. The artist’s fourth studio album – Konnichiwa – topped many best of the year lists, and really marked a pivotal point for the UK scene. Since then, we’ve had Stormzy, J Hus and so many more receiving international acclaim and recognition. 

Fans all over the world are singing the praises of what the UK has done in the genre of late, and we really do have a range of distinguished and inimitable styles going on right now. So many are rising through, and one fast headed to the top is Aitch.

Up and coming: The rise of Aitch

Primary Talent notes that the 19-year-old UK rapper is from New Moston, North Manchester, whose passion for the genre began back in school; he used to freestyle. You can tell it’s something that’s long been a potential avenue to explore, but in the last couple of years, he has truly gone for it.

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They also highlight his success on YouTube, kickstarting a lot of intrigue from fans all over. He managed to score over 100,000 views in three months, which pretty much means people interested in the scene can’t really ignore you. But then again, why would you. He has great flow and so much personality comes through with his delivery. 

So far, he’s even supported such heavyweights as Wiley and Cadet on UK tour, but there’s much more to come from this performer. 

Aitch: Real name?

The rapper’s real name is Harrison Armstrong. 

However, it’s Aitch that everyone’s talking about; the name which has made him a sensation. It’s interesting to go through and watch his older freestyles and then listen to his recent single ‘Taste (Make It Shake). You can already see a leap, and there’s a far broader appeal in his later material. 

It’s better produced, obviously, but you still hear his character shine through, just as it did on the older cuts. Sometimes you lose that, but Aitch just feels bigger and more pronounced as a result of the confidence such exposure has afforded him. 

He’s already got 2,393,570 monthly listeners on Spotify; look again in a month, there’ll probably be another million! 

As we hear more and more mention his name though, we can’t help but wonder what it actually means. Surely it means something, right? Quite right. 

What does his rap name mean?

During an interview with Capital XTRA‘s Robert Bruce, the rapper was asked why he chose the name Aitch. It’s a great question, and indeed, there’s an answer: “Because it’s really the letter ‘H’, ain’t it, but I didn’t wanna be boring and just do that. Obviously, my real name begins with the letter ‘H’, so I’ve been called H from time. 

Because we’re from down there [Manchester], everyone just says it like “aitch”… so I just spelt it that way.”

So, there you have it: his real name and the meaning of the one on many’s minds. Expect big(ger)things very soon. 

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