Lethal Weapon may be back on screens, but audiences are missing someone.

It looks like the franchise survived Lethal Weapon 4 after all…

In 1987, audiences were treated to an excellent buddy cop movie, which has since cemented itself as an eighties action classic. Mel Gibson (Signs) and Danny Glover (Saw) were a duo for the ages, taking the series into some wacky places across subsequent instalments. 

Although fans expected that Lethal Weapon 4 would be the last of it, Matthew Miller’s reboot arrived back in 2016 and fans were over the moon. It wasn’t exactly Mel and Danny, but the series boasted the spirit and style of a nostalgic, throwback actioner. Audiences found Damon Wayans (White Chicks) to be a highly entertaining Roger Murtaugh, with Clayne Crawford doing a bang-up job as Mel’s iconic Martin Riggs. 

So, when Riggs was cut from the picture, fans were pretty shocked. 

Lethal Weapon: Clayne Crawford as Riggs

As highlighted on the series’ Wikipedia page, Clayne was fired from the show in May 2018 due to a bombardment of behavioural reports and on-set incidents, with the cast finding him a very difficult individual to continue working with.

Of course, firing one of the primary stars of your show isn’t exactly taken lightly. It poses a number of questions, with the most pressing being how to replace them and how to wrap up their absence. In the end, Riggs was killed by his father’s second son on the show, which opened up the floor to a new central presence.

It was a risky move but in stepped Seann William Scott as Wesley Cole. The actor is best known for playing Steve Stifler in the American Pie franchise, but has branched out in the past with roles in Richard Kelly’s divisive cult classic Southland Tales; he also starred in Role Models, Mr. Woodcock and more.  

He proved a satisfying stand-in, bringing his trademark humour and charisma to the mix while still balancing the same dynamic audiences had grown accustomed to. Neverthless, some really miss Riggs. 

As for Clayne, he’s due to star in an upcoming film called The Killing of Two Lovers

ITV’s Lethal Weapon: Season 3

Season 3 first premiered on Fox on Tuesday, September 25th 2018, but according to the same source, Damon (Roger) declared that he would be throwing in the towel soon after. 

It began airing to UK audiences on ITV on Friday, July 26th 2019, but sadly, the series was cancelled by Fox long before that on Friday, May 10th. That means no season 4 – sorry!

Overall, season 3 is comprised of fifteen episodes, so if you’ve only just met Wesley, then there’s plenty more action in store before Lethal Weapon is through. If returning to the franchise has encouraged you to reminisce, you may be wondering what Mel and Danny are up to. So, let’s take a little look… 

Where are Mel and Danny?

Mel Gibson hasn’t exactly steered clear of controversy in recent years. However, away from his celebrity image, he’s made quite the impression in the realm of cinema. 

He directed the critically acclaimed Hacksaw Ridge back in 2016, and he also starred in S. Craig Zahler’s gritty tale of corrupt cops – Dragged Across Concrete – last year. Many considered his role a real return to form, praising his frankly rather fantastic performance; perfect and inspired casting. 

As for Danny Glover, he’s appeared in the likes of Boots Riley’s expert satire Sorry To Bother You and Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die, as well as a range of other exciting projects. He’s also in the upcoming Jumanji: The Next Level, expected to reach UK cinemas on Friday, December 13th 2019.

In other news, let’s talk about that Typewriter ending.