New horror series Typewriter is now available to stream on Netflix.

So this is the show that’s apparently so scary people are unable to sleep… 

We’ve heard all of this before, and in recent years, such statements have actually done more damage to decent films and series than good. There are some excellent examples of the horror genre out there, and yet, very few of them can be considered genuinely terrifying. 

If you’re a seasoned horror fan, you’ll likely have rolled your eyes when you saw that a new Netflix series was sending audiences out of their minds with fear. The same sort of thing was said with their The Haunting of Hill House offering. While the claims were absurd, it actually proved to be an excellent example of horror done well. 

Now, the streaming service has invited us back to explore another haunted home.  

Netflix presents…Typewriter

Stranger Things‘ tight-knit gang of tweens delighted Netflix audiences, and now we have The Ghost Club. 

Sujoy Ghosh’s Indian horror series – Typewriter – stars the likes of Palomi Ghosh, Purab Kohli, Sameer Kochhar and tells the story of a haunted house and the group of kids who plan to rid it of evil. Set in Goa, the imaginative new project reached Netflix on Friday, July 19th 2019.

Running for only five episodes, it was a pretty easy binge for most, but there really is so much packed into the relatively brief runtime. It was a whirlwind of new characters, twists, turns and genre conventions. 

For those who are pondering the possibility of a second series, let’s summarise the show’s ending easily and quickly. 

Typewriter: Last episode explained

The final episode of Typewriter – ‘The Night of the Blood Moon’ – offered a satisfying conclusion to the ghostly goings-on of the series. 

As you’ll know, the ghost inhabiting the machinery is tailor-made. Fakeer’s soul within the typewriter needed a human to latch onto; Jenny was a no-brainer to work with, as she used to meddle with the object as a kid, with disastrous consequences. Jenny’s blood created a doppelgänger of sorts, which Fakeer could use to bring himself back gradually. However, when the typewriter left the house, the activity ceased as a result. When she returns… boom! It’s back. She soon realises her connection with the entity and uses her knowledge as a way to target it. 

For Fakeer to return, an innocent must sacrifice their life on the night of the Blood Moon. Of course, Jenny is the one expected to carry this out, with her deranged double expected to drive her to it. In the end, the central cast – The Ghost Club – use fire to destroy the typewriter, along with the help of Ravi. Amit foolishly throws himself off a cliff after the burning object and Jenny’s sinister double disappears.

Moses survives in a touching scene and some loose ends are tied up; it looks as though the gang have triumphed over the forces of darkness. However, the big shock comes when it’s revealed that Amit is alive, and has offered his soul to the typewriter. In the final moments, we see the damage being undone…


Any chance of Typewriter season 2?

So, it looks like the gang’s efforts to stop the evil once and for all have proven futile. 

Amit’s soul has offered the typewriter rebirth, and that means the evil of Fakeer will surely return to wreak havoc within a new host. Next time, it’ll be harder to keep at bay. 

It’s obvious that the series’ creators have intentions to continue the narrative, but considering the lukewarm reception from critics, it’s possible that Typewriter begins and ends with this little twist. It’s a pretty generic ending in the horror genre now though, with the final moments saying “actually, no, they didn’t stop it”. There are plenty of examples in the past to have done the same which didn’t earn sequels, so by no means does it confirm a second season. 

We’ll just have to wait and see. 

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