Gotham: Selina Kyle actress change explained! Who is Lili Simmons?


Gotham offered fans an epic conclsion, but some were left a little confused by Camren Bicondova's absence.

Will we ever cease to explore the dark and dangerous world of Batman?

Fat chance! The iconic caped crusader has long been immortalised in popular culture, but the land of Gotham is home to many more memorable characters. We've seen the likes of the Joker, Scarecrow and more portrayed on screen numerous times, but Brian Heller's aptly named TV series - Gotham - managed to provide quantity and quality, providing new visions of familiar names. 

The series arrived on Fox back in 2014 and fans were immediately taken with the direction it was heading. Focusing in on James Gordon, the show favoured gradual progression and world-building over instant thrills, which is perhaps why it sustained five seasons. 

We don't simply arrive at the characters, meeting the heroes and villains as we'd immediately associate them. Instead, we get to see them grow and develop, which is why many have praised Gotham. One such character that we've seen bloom is Selina Kyle... Catwoman. 


From Camren Bicondova to Lili Simmons

After the 2004 Halle berry disaster Catwoman, there was always the sense that the character was dead in the water from a live-action standpoint. The film was a total dud, but fortunately, we saw another actress prove that the character was simply too spectacular to leave behind in the Batman narrative. 

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises delivered an exceptional Bane, played very differently by Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road). However, it's Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle which positively demands the screen in every frame she shares.  

It looked as though the portrayal couldn't be topped, but Camran Bicondova's take on Selina and her vigilante alter ego in Gotham made many question their preference. She stayed with the entire series, cementing a legacy in the realm of superhero entertainment. So, why the sudden change at the last minute to Lili Simmons (Westworld)?

Gotham: Selina Kyle actress change explained

Camren fulfilled the role for five years, but at the last moment, she let another take her place.

The concluding chapter of the Gotham series featured a decade long flashforward, and in wake of this time skip, we witness actress Lili Simmons playing the beloved character instead. Inevitably, it made fans question the decision, and lucky for us, Camren was more than happy to explain the creative decision.

It was actually a very wise decision for the now 20-year-old actress; in reflection, handing the role over to the more than capable Lili Simmons - who is 26-years-old- makes sense, and made for a special finale which didn't at all dampen Camren's time with the character. 

Lili has starred in such projects as The Purge, Banshee, Bone Tomahawk, True Detective, Ray Donavan, Dirty Lies, Bad Match and more. 

Check out Camren's full explanation on Twitter below:


More Batman on the way?

Gotham may have come to its conclusion, but there's plenty more Batman content on the way!

Firstly, it's worth highlighting Pennyworth on Epix, which is billed as a prequel to Gotham and follows Alfred working for Bruce Wayne's father. Then, we have the highly anticipated Joker heading to UK cinemas on Friday, 4th October 2019. Joaquin Phoenix's (You Were Never Really Here) take on the classic villain looks refreshing and subversive, so expect big things come October. 

We're also waiting on Matt Reeves' Batman movie, which will see acclaimed actor Robert Pattinson (Good Time) don the cape. The casting decision has proven divisive, but honestly, Matt and Rob will probably blow us away when footage finally emerges. 

Big things are headed this way...

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