Good Boys age rating: Can I watch 2019's answer to Superbad?

Good Boys dir. Gene Stupnitsky

Good Boys is easily one of this summer's must-see movies.

Can you believe that Superbad is twelve years old!?

The hilarious teen comedy is basically one of the funniest films ever, and although nothing has ever really been said, there has always been some talk from fans of a sequel. It pretty much ended perfectly, but checking in with Seth, Evan and McLovin again would be way too hard to turn down. 

Jonah Hill - who played Seth - is such a popular actor now, and even made his own movie recently with the fantastic Mid90s. Over the years, the chance of another Superbad has slipped away, but when films like Good Boys are coming out, it doesn't really matter all that much. 

Earlier this year, Booksmart basically looked at Superbad and thought "hey, let's mix it up". It worked brilliantly. Now, it looks like we're gonna see another spin on it. 

Good Boys dir. Gene Stupnitsky

What is Good Boys about?

Good Boys follows three friends in the sixth-grade who bunk off from school, triggering a side-splitting chain of events.  Unfortunately for the boys, they realise that they've accidentally stolen some drugs, and some teenage girls are on the hunt. 

It's a funny concept for a film, but in the true spirit of Superbad, there's one more detail. We have another race against the clock story here, as they are also trying to get everything rounded up in time for a party that night. With these types of films, there always has to be a party!

Essentially, Good Boys looks like the tween cousin of Superbad that nobody thought would ever get made. If you ever thought "I wonder what these guys were like when they were younger?" when watching the iconic comedy, then this may offer some answers. 

Good Boys: Age Rating

The big question is this: How old do you need to be to see it?

Since the trailer dropped, the hype surrounding the film has been huge. Most of the time in these Hollywood movies, the kids don't actually act like kids do today, ditching the swearing and funny stuff for a more suitable, polished version. However, Good Boys actually understands that's not how it is. These kids are full of personality, and they're not afraid to speak their minds.

Just as the trailer would suggest, the film is rated 15, according to the BBFC; the rating info notes "strong language, sex and drug references". 

Some were hoping it would be rated 12A, but it looks like some of the more mature jokes were too funny to cut! 


Good Boys: UK release date

The biggest summer movies don't always have to be superheroes and explosions. Sometimes you just want a good comedy to dive into. 

Good Boys will be available to see in UK cinemas on Friday, 16th August 2019. 

It stars the likes of Jacob Tremblay (Room), Molly Gordon (Booksmart) and Will Forte (MacGruber) - the cast is solid. 

You don't get films like this, really, so be sure not to miss it. The tween comedy of the year is here!

In other news, we pay our respects to YouTube legend The King of Random.

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