What happened to Boo in OITNB? Lea DeLaria's season 7 send-off!

Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is the New Black has reached its end, but some fans aren't exactly won over by the finale.

What's your favourite Netflix show?

Over the years, the streaming service has done an expert job in delivering some of the best TV series of the last decade. In the wake of an excellent third season, there are many who would declare Stranger Things the platform's best offering. However, a great deal more would argue that Orange Is the New Black is Netflix's biggest winner. 

Jenji Kohan's exciting series was a pivotal point for the streaming mogul. It was created for Netflix; a bit of a gamble, but one which paid off immensely. Since the first season landed in 2013, the show has gone on to become their most-watched original series, as suggested by Wikipedia

Audiences have spent seven seasons immersed within the world of the women's prison, but sadly, an ending to it all was inevitable. 

Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black: Season 7

The seventh season of the critically acclaimed phenomenon dropped on the platform on Friday, July 26th 2019. All thirteen episodes released simultaneously, encouraging fans to have one last binge on Orange Is the New Black. 

Of course, many fans raced through the episodes across the weekend, nervous about approaching the last, titled 'Here's Where We Get Off'. It's aptly titled, as audiences too were approaching the last stop... the last episode. There's always something oddly melancholic about knowing one of your favourite shows will end. The characters become a part of your life as long as the show continues to progress, but once the conclusion arrives, there's often no contemplating what comes next. A door closes. 

With a show as popular as this, it's impossible to please everyone. As it stands, the cast and crew have done a sensational job of wrapping everything up, leaving behind a (yet) unparalleled Netflix legacy. 

The finale has generated discussion, and one big talking point has been Boo. 


What happened to Boo in OITNB?

Let's just say, the finale honoured some characters far more than others. 

There were some grand, emotional farewells throughout the final episode, but fans are wondering what happened to Big Boo (played by Lea DeLaria). The character has been there since season 1, so you'd think that a touching goodbye was in the pipeline; it wasn't.

The final sequence begins and Litchfield OG's are gathered around the table in an Ohio prison. You have Gina, Norma, Anita, Yoga Jones etc. "I have to take a dump," announces Boo, finally making an appearance, leaving the table and heading to do what we imagine is just that... and that's the last of Big Boo. 

It's certainly an interesting last line for the character. No big goodbye, no sentiment, just "I have to take a dump". So what happens to her? Well, it comes back to what we were saying earlier, about the characters' lives ending with the show. 

In this sense, it's actually a great final line for her. There's no closing statement, but instead, just a habitual comment, as if to say "life goes on". The actual show may have reached an end, but after the credits roll and we find something else to watch, Boo will get back and her life inside will continue. She hasn't been given some big goodbye, she's still living. 


 Lea DeLaria is back on Netflix!

It's understandable that some found her departure underwhelming, but the last line actually embodies Boo pretty well; an emotional sign-off may have felt forced and out of character. 

Actress Lea DeLaria did a fantastic job throughout the series, and now it's over, it's worth highlighting what's on the career horizon. Firstly, Lea will appear on the Baroness Von Sketch Show. Secondly, there's her role in the forthcoming TV series The Code, in which she'll play Marti Dimonte. 

However, the big news is that she'll be back on Netflix for Reprisal. It's about a woman who seeks revenge against a murderous gang who almost killed her. Sounds like pretty exciting stuff, but it looks like we'll have to wait for news of a release date. 

For now, enjoy Orange Is the New Black!

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