The Netflix show so SCARY people can't sleep - we dare you to watch!

Typewriter Season 1: Netflix

New Netflix release Typewriter has quickly been dubbed 'Netflix's scariest show'... ever!

Horror films have evolved over the years in slow and gradual waves.

Scare-factor in the 1980s was epitomised by the release of The Shining while the 90s brought us the likes of IT, Dead Alive and even The Blair Witch Project. 

However, since then, there's been something of a lull in genre-breaking and revolutionary horror movies with knock-off versions of Paranormal Activity and every type of zombie movie filling up the past 20 years of cinematic horror experiences.

Fortunately, Netflix appear to have broken the mould with their Typewriter release. A Netflix original series, here's everything you need to know about the show viewers are saying is so scary that they can't sleep.

Warning: Not for the faint hearted.

Typewriter Season 1: Netflix

How to watch Typewriter

A Netflix original production, Typewriter dropped to the global streaming platform on July 19th - you can watch it right now!

It's a five-part series with each episode lasting just below 60 minutes.

The series is an Indian horror drama and was directed by Sujoy Ghosh, who is a leading filmmaker in Bollywood and regularly writes screenplays for critically acclaimed Indian movies.

What is Typewriter about?

The series follows three young friends as they search for ghosts in so-called haunted houses around Goa. When a new family move into the haunted Bardez Villa, a buried past resurfaces in spine-chilling ways.

Starring young actors and actresses Aarna Sharma, Aaryansh Malviya and Mikail Gandhi (Sam, Bunty, Gablu) the series has earned comparisons to Stranger Things due to it's rebellious-kid style lead.

Typewriter Season 1: Netflix

The trio balance school work with chores, friendship, their loyal dog and the horrifying events of one small neighbourhood as they investigate local mysteries and myths as the 'Ghost Club'. Much like the Stranger Things 'AV club' in the early series.

While you may quickly tie the idea of 'ghost catching' to Ghostbusters, Typewriter injects far more horror into its series. The title links back to a famous horror book of ghosts stories that was supposedly written by one of the character's grandfather, which helps link together the entire series.

One tweeter said: 

“I’m feeling so helpless!  tried watching #typewriter in the daytime but could barely watch the first episode. Don’t know how will I muster the courage to finish this till the end. Scary!! @sujoy_g , this is called being true to the genre. #Netflix “

What are people saying on Twitter?

Viewers have been taking to Twitter to warn other viewers on just how scary the series, with many saying that they failed to sleep following a sitting of Typewriter.

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