Who was Karen Reuter? Orange is the New Black pays touching tribute

Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black season 7 has finally arrived on Netflix.

How did Netflix reel you in?

We all have so many memories with the streaming service. Sometimes, nothing can beat getting home from a long day, making a nice cup of tea and putting your feet up for a few hours in front of Netflix. Over the years, they have done a great job of delivering so much diverse TV content, which admittedly, does make it hard to choose something to watch. 

However, if you've had it from as far back as 2013, you may remember it quite differently. Sure, there was still a lot of choice, but no way near as much as there is at present. Orange Is the New Black marked a pivotal point for Netflix and rapidly became incredibly popular; once season one had aired, everybody wanted more. 

Many people raced through the thirteen episodes, igniting a future binging habit which Netflix has been sure to nurture ever since. The show continued, and to this day, it arguably boasts the most impressive legacy of any Netflix show. 

Taylor Schilling attends the Taylor Schilling attends the "Orange is the New Black" final season world premiere at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on July 25, 2019 in New York City.

Orange Is the New Black returns

Netflix has continued to deliver the goods with Orange Is the New Black over the years, introducing new characters and keeping things fresh. 

Now, we've arrived at season 7, which premiered on Friday, July 26th 2019. All thirteen episodes dropped simultaneously, and since, fans of Jenji Kohan's hit show have been binging through them happily. It's gone down brilliantly so far, but of course, more time is needed to see how it ranks against the preceding six seasons. 

One detail which struck fans was this. At the end of the penultimate episode - "The Big House" - a title card appears, reading "In Loving Memory of Karen Reuter". Fans instantly recognised that she was not a member of the cast, so began to ponder her potential role on the show. Well, her role was crucial...

Remembering Karen Reuter

Karen Reuter was the show's key make-up artist, who sadly passed away on Thursday, January 24th 2019.

The 62-year-old talent had worked on numerous projects during her career, such as the highly acclaimed The Sopranos, Project Runway, Mercy and more. Orange Is the New Black was a huge part of her professional life, and clearly, she was very loved by the cast and crew too, with the episode further immortalising her wonderful work. 

As highlighted by The Express,  actress Kate Mulgrew - who played Red across the seven seasons - took to Twitter to offer a touching tribute in the wake of her passing; "My makeup artist on OITNB, Karen Reuter, passed away last week. Farewell to a warm-eyed woman wearing low-slung dungarees and a wry smile at 6am, whose work ethic was surpassed only by her bravery, which she revealed through laughter, kindness, and a turning away from self."

Some fans have since taken to social media to comment. 


Netflix concludes

Karen Reuter's dedication featured in the penultimate episode - not of just the season, but the entire show. 

That's right. Orange Is the New Black has officially concluded, with episode thirteen - "Here's Where We Get Off" - wrapping up season 7 and the long-running series as a whole. 

It's sure to be missed, but it did run for quite some time. It contributed to Netflix's success immensely, and since it arrived back in 2013, we have seen so many new shows emerge like Stranger Things which are set to continue. It had a great run, but all good things must come to an end, and in true Netflix spirit, it's available to binge forever. 

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