The August 2019 beta dates, sign-up process, and more for one of the best MMOs to finally arrive on PS4, Black Desert Online.

Black Desert Online is one of the most popular MMOs in the world thanks to its gameplay and gorgeous character creation suite. It has been on the Xbox One and PC for what feels like an eternity for all the Sony loyalists who have been watching the fun from afar with envy, but they needn’t torture themselves anymore as the title is finally arriving on PlayStation 4. Below you’ll discover everything you need to know about what Black Desert Online is, what its August 2019 PS4 beta dates are, and how to sign up to experience the title before its proper release.

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What is Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online is an insanely popular MMO-RPG developed by Pearl Abyss.

It boasts a stunning open-world full of fantastical sights that would have even made J.R.R. Tolkien blush with jealousy, and it features action-oriented combat.

For the idealists who’d simply like to live in the game’s paradise to escape our own ‘dystopia’, fighting isn’t its only attraction as players can simply relax and spend time fishing, trading, crafting, and cooking.

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Although this might not come as a surprise to people who are familiar with MMOs, Black Desert‘s story isn’t all that captivating despite the self-proclaimed “immersive” narrative it boasts.

However, this really isn’t that big a dilemma as the fun of MMOs and Black Desert Online is losing yourself in the game’s world and your created character.

There’s over 12 classes in the game ranging from Archer to Striker, Dark Knight to Ranger, and – even if you’ve never played the Pearl Abyss title – you’ll no doubt recognise its jaw-dropping Final Fantasy-esque visuals.

Gameplay is always more important than graphics for the video game purists, but the visuals are undoubtedly Black Desert Online‘s most captivating attribute.

Its world is gorgeous, its character models are sublime, and you can create the most perfect specimen imaginable or celebrities you idolise.

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Black Desert Online August 2019 PS4 beta dates

The Black Desert Online PS4 beta dates were finally announced on July 24.

For the envious PS4 community who has been stuck watching Xbox and PC gamers enjoy modelling immaculate characters, this sudden announcement was fantastic news.

And it’s not long until the starved Sony fanbase can finally experience what everyone else has been gushing about for years.

The PS4 beta will begin on August 9 at 12 AM PT until 2 AM PT on August 13.

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How to sign up for Black Desert Online PS4 beta

If you’ve been torturing yourself for years by constantly seeking news on when Black Desert Online would land on PS4, you’ll definitely want to experience its beta.

To participate in the Black Desert Online PS4 beta, you simply need to download it from the PlayStation Store. And no, you don’t need a PS Plus subscription to enjoy the free trial.

Saying that, you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to enjoy the Standard or Deluxe Edition of the full game when it properly launches on August 22.