When is Aladdin 2019 out on Blu-Ray? Release date confirmed!

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Guy Ritchie's live-action remake of 1992's Aladdin dominated the box office, but when is it coming home?

While the need for Disney's live-action remakes continues to be hotly debated, the house of mouse are pushing on with their plans of remaking seemingly every film they've ever made.

For many, it's a soulless cash grab but for others, it's an exciting prospect at being able to re-live their favourite films all over again with a fresh modern twist.

Most recently, we've just had Jon Favreau's The Lion King, which has actually proven to be the most divisive of the company's attempts at breathing new life into old tales. It's rather funny, as most suspected Aladdin would be the one plagued with issues, predicting that The Lion King would be a surefire hit. It's actually been the other way around, with most audiences praising Aladdin for its performances and winning charm. 

Inevitably, fans have been keen to revisit it since. So, is the magic carpet fast-tracking it to homes as we speak?

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What's Aladdin 2019 about?

As you might expect, Disney's 2019 adaptation of the animated classic tells almost the exact same story as the 1992 original.

Street rat Aladdin has to steal food to survive and spends his life dodging Agrabah's guards. He is forcefully recruited by the palace vizier, the scheming Jafar, who tasks Aladdin with retrieving a magic lamp from the notorious cave of wonders.  

As it just so happens, that lamp contains a mystical genie and Aladdin's life is turned on its head at the promise of three wishes from the all-powerful genie.

Disney's live-action Aladdin hit cinemas on Wednesday, May 22nd 2019, but when will Disney fans be able to take home their own copy of 2019's remake?

Aladdin 2019 - Agrabah Sunset

When is Aladdin 2019 out on Blu-Ray?

Fortunately, we have a date!

A huge part in determining the very best of Disney's output is the rewatch factor. Sure, it can be pretty enjoyable first time around, but it's all about how it feels time and time again. 

The original can be considered a timeless, modern family classic, so fans are excited to pick up the latest on Blu-ray or DVD and see how it holds up after a few months. 

It's not long now; Aladdin is available to pre-order on Amazon now, with a release date scheduled for Monday, September 23rd 2019. The DVD is priced at £9.99, with prices going up to £24.99 (for 4K). 

The soundtrack is out now!

The film's soundtrack is already available to buy and stream online now.

It sees the film's original songs reimagined by the new cast. The classics Friend Like Me, One Jump Ahead and, of course, A Whole New World are given a new lease of life by Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott and Will Smith.

Fans of the original film are also treated to a brand new song, Speechless, to give Princess Jasmine more of a moment to shine.

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