A familiar voice echoes through Quentin Tarantino’s nostalgic Hollywood tale, but who does it belong to?

Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained. Some would stop to ask us if we’re simply listing off some of the most entertaining movies of the last thirty years, but really, we’re just ticking off Tarantino titles. 

In a cinematic landscape of franchise heavy-hitters and superhero saturation, the name Quentin Tarantino still very much means something. As you’ll likely know, he’s one of the most popular filmmakers of the last three decades, and although he takes his time with his output, pretty much everything he releases is embraced with open arms. Many directors can only dream of having the respect and fanbase of someone like QT. 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has long been one of the most anticipated movies 2019, which is, of course, no surprise at all. His previous film – The Hateful Eight – was an excellent, character-driven western with an absolute knockout of a cast. Yet, here he is topping it… 

The ninth film from Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino is pretty much an actor’s best friend. He’s well known for revitalising and launching careers, giving them characters which feel perfectly suited to their unique charisma. 

On the other hand, you’d be hard-pressed to find any big name who doesn’t want to work with him. He’s worked with many of the modern greats, but Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has brilliantly cast two of the biggest actors on the planet alongside one another – for the first time. 

Le Bal des Folles (The Mad Women’s Ball) | Official Trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio worked with him on Django Unchained, while Brad Pitt worked with him on Inglorious Basterds. Here, they star as fading actor Rick Dalton and stuntman Cliff Booth respectively. Their significant roles have generated a lot of buzz about the master filmmaker’s 1969-set epic, which follows two hopefuls as they navigate the L.A. film scene of that time, at the height of the New Hollywood. It’s arguably the most creative and wild era of Hollywood filmmaking history, producing many projects which have held incredible influence over Tarantino. 


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Narrator

What we have here is a love letter to a time and a place, narrated by a man which the director evidently harbours a similarly great admiration for, and has done for ages. 

The narrative is narrated by the one-and-only Kurt Russell, who as you know is somewhat of a Tarantino regular. He also plays the character of Randy in the film, a stunt director. You’ll recognise him from some of the director’s previous movies, most recently The Hateful Eight, in which he played John Ruth “The Hangman”. Then there’s Stuntman Mike in 2007’s Deathproof, arguably the most divisive entry in the director’s filmography. 

Kurt’s most iconic role would have to be Snake Plissken in John Carpenter’s Escape From New York and its sequel. Also, if we’re speaking John Carpenter, it’s worth highlighting The Thing, in which Kurt played protagonist MacReady. 

Other notable roles include Big Trouble in Little China, Furious 7 and Bone Tomahawk

Special Guest Kurt Russell attends the screening of ‘Escape from New York’ at the 2019 TCM 10th Annual Classic Film Festival on April 13, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

When is Quentin Tarantino’s latest out in the UK?

Although the film has already been released in America, UK audiences will have to wait until Wednesday, August 14th 2019. 

It’s supposedly Tarantino’s penultimate film, with it being well-known that he only plans on making ten feature films and retiring. Some believe he’ll intend to retire but feel too tempted to come back a few years down the line. 

There has been much talk about him helming a Star Trek movie, which while it sounds intriguing, it’s way too difficult to imagine him bidding his farewell to cinema with a franchise effort, rather than his own original project. We’ll just have to wait and see…

In other news, let’s talk about the ending of Channel 4’s Catch-22.