Xylophone outside parliament captures UK sense of humour- ding-dong politics!

Glockenspiel player

As more and more are trying to wrap their heads around UK politics right now, one man is making it harder.

"This is a big moment, the most important of all the appointments that Boris Johnson would have to make in the first few days." We thought we'd take the time to transcribe some of the Sky News coverage. Why, you ask? Because a man playing his instrument outside Parliament has resulted in many of us struggling to hear what's been said - or rather, turning the coverage off altogether. 

There have been some strange protests over the years, but let's be honest, they were all very easy to identify as protests. The aim is to assert your views with an easily identifiable and clear statement. You need to alert passers-by why you are there instantly, to get the message across with ease. 

This latest stunt seems far more abstract than your average signs and chants, on the other hand. It's infuriating many, stumping others and then making some howl with laughter. We all know what protests tend to look like, but this, well, we're not quite sure what to make of it. So, what's it all about?

A man calls for the banning of plastic outside the Houses of Parliament in London, England, on July 1, 2019.A man calls for the banning of plastic outside the Houses of Parliament in London, England, on July 1, 2019.

Xylophone outside Parliament? It's a glockenspiel! 

British politics is proving increasingly baffling as of late, and it's becoming harder to grasp for many; why? Because the coverage outside parliament is sliding into surrealism thanks to someone playing the xylophone. Or is it a glockenspiel? Yes, it's a glockenspiel.

Television broadcasts, whether it be courtesy of Channel 4 or Sky News, have been drowned out by the mysterious man, who has set up shop outside, topless in the summer heat, playing the musical instrument incessantly. 


Memes and politics: Britain's sense of humour

It really is the most bizarre audio accompaniment, and so far we've heard such numbers as the Mr Benn theme song, the Imperial March from Star Wars and the soundtrack of The Exorcist. Safe to say, he isn't sticking to a clear theme here, which would've made his motives for doing this much easier to make sense of. 

However, perhaps he's encapsulating British humour, essentially saying that what's going on in UK politics right now is a joke and hard to take seriously. 

Of course, that could be it. Then again, there are a few ways to look at it. Some feel he may be doing this to make viewers watching the coverage turn it off, encouraging people not to pay attention. Personally, this feels hard to believe; it seems like it would be the other way around. People who wouldn't normally tune in to such content are doing so, which means - possibly - that he's saying it takes a clownish stunt to get people to keep up to date with politics. Maybe he's saying "is this what it takes to get you to pay attention?"


He's done this before 

As reported by The New European, some resurfaced footage confirms that the mystery man is a supporter of Palestine and Europe; he has been seen at numerous protests before and has done this exact thing prior. 

This draws the conclusion that he is definitely protesting Boris Johnson's arrival at Downing Street, instead of offering the PM's supporters some lovely music to aid in their celebrations. Of course, this was suspected from the start, but it does make suspicions feel far more concrete.

It'll be interesting to see what else the man and his glockenspiel have in store...

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