Xbox Games with Gold August 2019 predictions: Major Nelson reveal date

Xbox Games With Gold

Rather than predictions for included titles, this is a guess as to the date Major Nelson will reveal the Xbox Games With Gold August 2019 line-up.

July is coming to an end and it's been a horrible month for grumps like myself who loathe obscenely hot weather. But, aside from the big guy upstairs being a d**k with his relentless heat wave, gamers have had an alright month thanks to the free titles for Xbox Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus. With August 2019 fast approaching, what is a reasonable prediction for when Microsoft loyalists can expect Major Nelson to reveal the next onslaught of free games?

However, before you worry about the next free games to play on the Xbox One, you should first be wary of the fact that Microsoft's Summer Sale is nearing its goodbye. This means you only have a couple days left to take advantage of the generous discounts for over 700 titles.

Now that I've done my duty in reminding you that there's an excellent sale to buy amazing games from your backlog, we'll now discuss the possible date Major Nelson could reveal the next batch of free Xbox Games with Gold.

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Xbox Games with Gold August 2019: What date will Major Nelson reveal free games?

The Xbox Games with Gold for July 2019 included a more than serviceable line-up of free games.

Yes, Meet The Robinsons is as bad a video game as it is a forgettable Disney flick, but the monthly window also included Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night and Inside.

Symphony Of The Night is still one of the best video games ever made, meanwhile Inside is an unforgettable trudge through a gruesome endeavour that is even more disturbing and compelling than Limbo.

If you still haven't downloaded Inside for free, then you only have until July 31 to correct your abhorrent error.

But, with the month coming to an end, most of the Xbox community is more bothered about when Major Nelson will reveal the Xbox Games With Gold line-up for August 2019.

It's always difficult to predict when Major Nelson will put the Xbox community out of their misery by announcing the news on Twitter, but we can still hazard a reasonable guess.

April 29 saw the announcement of the Xbox Games with Gold for May, meanwhile May 30 saw the same for June. The free games were available to download only two days after the announcements.

The July line-up was then announced on June 29 and... you see where I'm going with this?

Provided the pattern isn't a red herring, then it's safe to presume that Major Nelson will reveal the Xbox Games With Gold August 2019 selection on July 30.

This means the first of the free games will be available to pick up on August 1.

Granted, this isn't a guaranteed equation like figuring out rocket science, but it's still a reasonable guess.

As for what games the Xbox community can anticipate, I haven't nary a clue.

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