Laina Morris, also known as ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’, has quit YouTube.

Memes come and go on a daily, weekly and at very best, monthly basis.

The click and share culture that has now engulfed our online lives will see trends flash past in a second, switching from hot to not quicker than Topshop’s latest fashion rail.

However, for YouTube star Laina Morris, she kick-started a meme that is still as popular today as when it first landed in 2012.

With the 28-year-old looking to take a side-step away from the pressure and hostile environment of social fame, here’s a look back at her legacy.


What has happened to YouTube’s ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’?

Laina is a 28-year-old YouTube star who has over 1 million subscribers on the video platform.

In 2012, she created a hilarious video for a Justin Bieber fan contest titled JB FanVideo (19 million views). However, it quickly became known as ‘The Overly Attached Girlfriend’ after doing the rounds on Reddit.

From there, the video spiralled out of control and found its best form as a still image meme of Laina’s character, with possessive-looking wide eyes and a seriously creepy smirk.

The meme soon formed the legendary Overly Attached Girlfriend – also abbreviated as OAG – which jumpstarted Laina’s career and etched her name into meme history.

Laina went on to star in various TV appearances and host red carpet events while enjoying a solid YouTube career, particularly from 2012-2015.

Laina’s mental health issues

In 2017, Laina announced that she was taking a break from YouTube having found the pressure of pleasing such a large audience too much.

After 11 months she posted one video before yet again disappearing for almost a year. Now, in her final video (Thursday, July 25th), Laina explained that she has been going through therapy and has come to the difficult decision of quitting YouTube altogether.

She said:

“I have gone to therapy, I have really thought this through, I have time and time again, battled in my head, ‘Do I wanna do this? Do I wanna quit YouTube?’

And I’ve come to this point and this moment today where I can confidently sit in front of this camera and say that it’s time for me to say goodbye to you guys and officially end this thing that I’ve been really holding on to and not wanting to let go of.”

The final YouTube video

In the full YouTube video, Laina cleared up why she was leaving, explaining that she was no-longer enjoying her YouTube work but wanted to post a send-off video to her dedicated fans.

She also opened up about depression:

I would say after about a year of doing YouTube, I started to feel the stress and the weight of the job more than I ever had before. It started to feel like a job more than it had before.

I started to feel a lot of pressure to make up my mind career-wise, figure out where I was gonna go with YouTube or after YouTube, beyond YouTube, and I couldn’t do it confidently and it really stressed me out.

After about a year and a half of doing it, I started to feel a bit depressed. And starting around 2014, I would say, the beginning of 2014… I’d sort of landed myself in a real deep depression, and I was keeping it a real deep secret from everyone around me.

I felt ashamed and I felt guilt for being stressed and overwhelmed in a world and with job and opportunities that were so great, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t handle it. For years, I was battling a really complicated and difficult… and for me for some reason, almost embarrassing, thing that is depression.


The video signed off with Laina saying that she was there for her fans if anyone had experienced similar issues, with links to support websites such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the Crisis Text Line.

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