Quentin Tarantino is back and he’s taking us on a nostalgia trip to Hollywood.

Brad Pitt? Leonardo DiCaprio? Margot Robbie? Quentin Tarantino, our money is yours…

The popular filmmaker is back with his ninth feature and, as expected, fans have no doubts that it was worth the wait. Ever since he hit the scene with his directorial feature debut – 1992’s Reservoir Dogs – the cinephile fanboy has been sculpting genre-indebted extravaganzas.

He’s pretty much the expert at revising the films he cherishes, offering inspiring homage in such a singular way. His methods of skewering the familiar have long been a signature style, but for three decades, we’ve been happy to witness every moment. 1994’s Pulp Fiction arguably remains the crown jewel of his filmography, but his more recent work has been excellent too. Django Unchained in 2012 proved to be one of his best yet and saw him finally work with Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, they’re collaborating again!

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio deliver!

Often considered the best actor working today, he delivers another (destined to be) iconic performance here as Rick Dalton, who along with his stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), attempts to make it in the L.A. movie industry of 1969.

This was a huge turning point for Hollywood, with the ushering in of the New Hollywood; the hippies breaking in with films like Easy Rider. The characters are trying their best to adjust with the times, and essentially, Tarantino has crafted a hang-out movie with his latest, offering a heartfelt love letter to the period of filmmaking which has been such an influence.

It was also the time of the Charles Manson murders, so there’s still a lot going on here. Some have called it the director’s best in years, and honestly, it feels like we’ll be talking about and appreciating this one for years to come. As a result of it directly detailing the industry itself, there’s much to unpack. Don’t head home to do that too early though; you might miss something…

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: After credits

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), we can’t remember the last time we saw the credits roll and headed straight for the doors. It seems that there’s always an extra piece of information waiting to rear its head just as the lights are about to come up. 

When there isn’t one, we almost feel cheated and this is no doubt a recent issue. Tarantino is not exactly the type of filmmaker you’d expect to jump in on the craze, and yet, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood boasts the kind of after-credits scene which is actually worth sticking around for.

After a portion of the credits roll, we cut to a black and white snippet of Rick Dalton advertising Red Apple Cigarettes. “Better drag, more flavour, less throat burn,” he boasts, playing it cool. However, after freezing on a smile for just a moment, he spits the cigarette out and launches the package; “taste like s**t,” he reveals. 

It’s a hilarious little moment and totally unexpected. Fans of the filmmaker will certainly be familiar with the fictional cigarette brand, as they’ve been a recurring motif – an Easter egg, of sorts – throughout his body of work. Tim Roth’s character in Pulp Fiction smokes them, and they’re even featured on a billboard in Kill Bill.

When is the UK release date?

American audiences were treated to the film early on Friday, July 26th 2019. But unfortunately, UK audiences will have to wait a little longer. 

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set to arrive in UK cinemas on Wednesday, August 14th, providing that perfect mid-week trip to the movies. You won’t want to miss this one!

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